The popular notion regarding the life of an MBA student is a busy and hectic one. And it is a true one. It begins from new books and journeys its way through the Notes, Assignments, Classes, Projects, Internships and finally ends at Placements. The schedule of almost every B-school is usually very tight and hardly leaves any room for extra-curricular activities. The life in a management institute is mechanical and the experience is different for every student. But is this the right approach for a B-school to adopt? Definitely not. While it is essential for the institute to complete the syllabus on time, the approach needs a slight change. When searching for Business Schools, one should always look for a college that can provide both world-class education and also leaves room for life outside B-school studies that builds substance in students.

Why should there be a life outside management books and assignments?

Who doesn’t love a high GPA? You will rarely find anyone answering this question with “I don’t”. To secure good marks in the semester exams, one definitely must work hard. But these hardworking students deserve a much better approach than the machine-like attitude.

  • Peace of mind is extremely crucial for the management students. There is no denying that the college will emphasize on the rigid timetable. But students usually need an hour or two’s relaxation before they pick themselves up to complete the task at hand.
  • Occasional breaks from the study are essential. A short break is usually enough for most students to re-energize themselves and focus back on the projects and assignments.
  • A happy mind is always able to focus better than the frustrated mind. If there is no room for a break in a management institute, students often end up feeling frustrated and do not feel like giving their best. A good B-school is always equipped with multiple hi-tech facilities to create an environment of relaxation and focus.

What should be the ideal B-school environment for an MBA student?

  • A perfect balance of study plus extra-curricular activities.
  • More practical experience to keep the curriculum engaging.
  • Fests, cultural and sports events are extremely important when it comes to any educational B-school/Institution. These are the times when students can enjoy and learn different types of skills. They also get a platform to showcase their talents in sports and other events.
  • More than one place to relax and unravel the tensions of the studies is the trademark of a B-school that understands the basic importance of the same.

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MET Utsav

An annual cultural and sports events are what every B-school student needs! MET Utsav at MET Mumbai is an awesome event that budding managers at this institute get to participate in. This year’s MET Utsav began with flash mobs by MET students and an energetic inaugural ceremony. The preparations and involvement in this fest go on for a month even before the official inauguration. The theme for this year was ‘Navras’, meaning the journey of nine emotions. This day also saw the opening of the Creativity Exhibition and Annual Sports Meet. The exhibition showcased innovative paintings, photographs, sculptures creations of MET members whereas sports day saw enormous participation of MET students and staff displaying sportsmanship.

The MET Fest, Talent Show and the Mr. & Ms MET competition were also a part of these festivities. Students enjoyed different food items, fun games, shopping from various stalls and it was an overall day full of entertainment and fun at the delightful MET Fest. The list of fun and innovative activities went on the next day with students taking part in a Talent Show and the Mr. & Ms MET competition. The MET Utsav concluded with a phenomenal ‘Grand Finale – Cultural Nite’. Multiple power-packed dance performances were followed by a splendid fashion show and breathtaking aerial performances. The MET Utsav is surely a unique fest providing a platform to the young talent to exhibit their creative interests and passion.

Celebrities at MET Utsav

The list of Bollywood and Marathi celebrities dignifying the Grand Finale-Cultural Nite include

  • Riteish Deshmukh
  • Hariharan
  • Priyank Sharma
  • Mrunmayee Deshpande
  • Ankit Mohan
  • Arjun Bijlani
  • Chunky Panday
  • Sophie Choudry
  • Shaan

MET Awards

MET Utsav also saw the award ceremony for the MET students, faculty and staff members. The recipients of the MET Gaurav Awards were received by MET members with the highest achievement at international or national level platforms.

The toppers of all courses received the MET Ratna Awards.

The MET Vikram Rolling was lifted by the MET Institute securing maximum points at the MET Annual Sports Meet. The MET Institute of Management earned this honour for the 5th time in a row.

MET World of Music (MWM)

Many institutes adopt different approaches to allow students to unwind. The Mumbai Educational Trust – MET League of Colleges has gone one step ahead to develop an ingenious platform for the relaxation of the students. The MET World of Music (MWM) is an inventive approach that MET, Mumbai has taken that allows students to forget their stress and recline in the midst of acoustic bliss. It is a musical therapy for the students in the structure of a music studio to experience natural life from over a huge collection of songs and genres of music.

Recreation Area at MET

MET understands the importance of having breaks for MBA students and has a dedicated recreational area for students to de-stress whenever they deem fit. Within the confines of MET Institute, is a recreation room which is equipped with indoor games such as carrom, and table tennis, chess, archery etc. MET also has facility for outdoor games like cricket, football.

Outbound Management Trips at MET

MET believes in blending theory with practical lessons. Thus all management students of MET (PGDM, eMBA, uMBA, MMS, eMBA-Insurance) are taken for an outbound trip to acquaint them with management concepts, principles and practices through various games and exercises. This outbound training enables the MBA students to not only break the ice but also brings out a feeling of cooperation, group building, sympathy and coordination amongst them. This whole experience brings out the best in each student and is an innovative way of learning through fun and frolic.


MBA students deal with a lot of stress and an environment like MET can mean much more than the scholastic development of the student. With an event like MET Utsav, any management student can take a break from the rigorous academics and cherish the extra-curricular activities. MET World of Music (MWM) is the much-needed facility that can also serve as an effective theory to handle study pressure. A good B-school’s curriculum can be exacting but only the better management institute understands and provides better infrastructure and facilities for the personal development of the students.

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