Modern Infrastructure at MET: A Corporate Quasi Learning Environment

Mumbai Educational Trust – MET League of Colleges is a 30 year old group institutes offering multi-disciplinary courses right from school to post graduate level and even PhD. Located in Maharashtra, the MET League of Colleges has around 20 institutes spread across two modern campuses in Mumbai and Nashik. From Management to Mass Media and from Animation to Information Technology, MET provides distinctive courses in more than 10 fields of study. The premier educational group also prides itself for having more than 20 national & international partnerships and accreditation. But predominantly, MET aims to provide the highest standard of professional education to the students. However, imparting quality education requires an infrastructure that can boost the efficiency of the students. Does MET have the infrastructure to cater to the high standards of education it promises? And why does good infrastructure matter?

Significance of Good Infrastructure

  • To bestow world-class education, an institute must first have the means to render the same.
  • Several experiments and surveys validate the essence of the first-rate infrastructure for the development of the pupils of the educational institutes.
  • The better the facilities of a college/institute, the better the outcome. Access to technologies and books of global measures facilitates finer results of the scholars.
  • There is strong evidence that excellent infrastructure undoubtedly brings down the dropout figures.
  • Good infrastructure is also a precursor for more focus, instructions and engagement from the student’s part.
  • Modern facilities also motivate the students to utilise them for both academic and personal development.
  • Students need space to take a break from the tight schedule of classes and assignments. Without hiatus, classes can increase the pressure of the students and also have a negative impact. An institute with good infrastructure ensures that students get the layoff time.

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MET Infrastructure & Facilities


❏ A beautiful atrium that symbolises the quintessence of the institute. The representation of the left and right side of the brain from the atrium is a silent acknowledgement to the keen minds.
❏ All classrooms have air-conditioning facilities.
❏ Students across the campus have access to Wi-Fi.
❏ The library is e-enabled and is furnished with more than 60,000 books, 150 periodicals and 200 journals. MET students also have access to about 30 thousand international quarterlies, magazines and databases.
❏ Conference Rooms: There are multiple conference rooms, all furnished with the latest and essential technologies. The rooms have modern sound systems, both audio-visual facilities and assistance to encourage and conduct discussion and debates.
❏ MET World of Music (MWM): Relaxation is essential and MET has made it sure with its World of Music. The innovative and unique MWM relinquishes the experience of a lifetime. The MWM is endowed with touch-screen kiosks, headphones and a mammoth archive of music. Students can enjoy relaxing music in a sophisticated environment.
❏ MET has a professionally designed shooting floor with latest equipments for multi camera set ups, in-house sound recording and processing studio and post-production editing suites equipped with latest hardware and software.
❏ Convention Centre: The MET convention centre is a model venue to host guest lectures, workshops and seminars as it can house up to 800 people. The convention centre is adorned with intricate technology.❏ The recreation area is an air-conditioned space for the students to unwind after a hectic day or whenever they feel like taking a break. The area houses Carrom boards, pool tables, table tennis tables and also a yoga room.
❏ Besides the recreation area, MET Mumbai’s campus has access to playgrounds for different outdoor sports.
❏ Students can also buy palatable snacks or meal from the canteen that serves a palatable menu.
❏ The campus also has guest rooms with all the amenities to host the visiting faculties and officials.


➔    Like the Mumbai campus, the students of the MET Adgaon campus in Nashik have access to MET World of Music, canteen, playgrounds, guest rooms and a library.
➔    MET Nashik also has a massive amphitheater that is ideal of any larger gathering when it comes to hosting an event of any genre.
➔    The unique feature of this campus is the colossal amphitheater to host dramatic or sporting events. Students also have access to a hi-tech gymnasium and the MET Bus service.
➔    Hostel: There are separate hostels available for girls and boys. All rooms are furnished with modern amenities. The hostels have LED (DTH), indoor board games, a small library and a gym. The hostels also have canteens/ mess.

Not just physical infrastructure, MET also has an state of the art Digital Infrastructure. MET is an institute that has Enterprise Resource Planning system deployed that seamlessly integrates various institutes, departments, faculty and students. With strong IT backbone in place MET regularly hosts various web-meetings, webinars, online classes and mentoring….. All in all, Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) | MET League of Colleges has provided physical and digital infrastructure that paves the path for a learner to make the most of every single opportunity of learning on-campus and off-campus.

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