MET Alumni Testimonials

The MET Institute of Management, MET Asian Management Development Center and MET ICS are part of Mumbai Educational Trust founded in 1989; popularly known as MET Mumbai or the MET League of Colleges. MET Mumbai has been the provider of the best education to its students. The MET intends to provide students with the essential knowledge and opportunities to become successful and responsible citizens. The MET institutes have reliable connections with the professional industry and experienced faculty members, who guide students with the latest industry-specific capabilities and knowledge.

MET Mumbai offers post graduate programs, such as Post Graduate Diploma in Management – PGDM (e-Business), e-empowered Management & Business Administration (eMBA), e-empowered Management & Business Administration (eMBA-Insurance), Master of Management Studies (MMS), Part Time Master’s Degree, Universal MBA (uMBA), and Diploma in Business Management (DBM Level 7).

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) offered by MET Mumbai is one of the most preferred programs by students wanting to join the B-school. The PGDM (e-Business) program at MET ensures that students are familiarized with the fundamentals of business management. It provides specialization in five prominent streams of business administration, namely Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, and Systems. The following reviews from the alumni speak for the excellence of the education provided at the institute.

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Testimonials from alumni:

“MET PGDM has been an amazing journey. It was a perfect balance between fun and studies. The extensive course curriculum, experienced faculty, and industry exposure gave me the perfect training and platform to be corporate ready. While industry visits, outbound, live projects, and MET Utsav gave us the hands-on experience of working in a team, managing resources, taking leadership, and lots of fun and cherished memories to remember. It has been a course that not only edified us to be effective managers but also transformed us to be good corporate leaders.”

Dhrumil Trivedi, PGDM (e-Business) – Marketing

“My journey at MET has been one of the best memories of my life. My heart swells up with pride to term myself as an alumnus of this prestigious institution. From highly experienced and qualified professors to a plethora of educational extracurricular activities, this college is one of the best to be a part of. The major USP of the MET group of institutes is the campus and conducive environment. It not only aids in better learning but also the overall development of the student. Industry experts, highly experienced professors, subject matter experts, and a well-stacked library are available at your disposal, which offers ample opportunity for an individual to learn and grow and discover their true potential. In a nutshell, if you are one of the privileged few to get into such an amazing institution-make the most of it and make it count.”

Glen Anthony, PGDM (e-Business) – Operations

“The two-year full-time PGDM program at MET was an ideal step to enhance my career. The course provided a vast range of subjects with practical case studies, live projects, and guest lectures by well-known industrialists. Moreover, we were also provided training for placement and alumni sessions to help us get the desired jobs. I strongly recommend this program for freshers as well as experienced professionals.”

– Hiral Ashar, PGDM (e-Business) – Human Resources

“My MET PGDM journey has been a great experience for me both personally and professionally. It has provided me with a foundation that helped me with the transition from being a student to being a professional. The course curriculum is specially designed for the PGDM students to make sure that all subjects are in line with the industry trends. The faculty members are approachable and knowledgeable. Guest lectures are organized on weekends, where industry officials speak on various topics, which gives students industry insights as well as practical knowledge. The personalized connections with the alumni and mentors truly make the learning experience fulfilling and enriching, ensuring you get correct guidance as you move ahead. Throughout my two years at MET, I had a number of opportunities to develop my analytical skills, leadership qualities, and proactive thinking through various events.”

– Sanya Charania, PGDM (e-Business) – Finance

“MET believes in empowering young minds with stellar education. MET has been my greatest investment so far. In these 2 years, I have grown both professionally and personally. I cherish every moment of the lectures delivered by the eminent faculties. MET has given me numerous networking opportunities with industry leaders and learned in an awe-inspiring infrastructure, which added to the richness of the learning experience. The immersive curriculum along with real-world case studies have made the course interesting and relevant to the current market trends. If I have to sum up my journey at MET, I would say it has been life-changing.”

– Rishabh Damani, PGDM (e-Business) – Marketing

Key Celebrity Alumni –

“My MBA degree helps in understanding the professional management approach in Bollywood. It helps me understand the strengths of ‘John Abraham’- the brand and maximise my earnings. The MBA degree has given me a sense of worldly wisdom and empowers me to utilise my resources at the fullest.”

– John Abraham, International Celebrity

MET PGDM alumni have been working wonders in various industries ranging from IT, real estate, pharma and life-sciences, automobile sector, banking, ad agencies, FMCGs to name a few. MET students have been offered packages as high as 15.5 lakhs p.a. Testimonials from students, a strong faculty base, an infrastructure conducive to learning, as well as excellent academic and placement records make the MET Mumbai an exemplary choice for management education.

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