Best Online MBA programs in Operations & Supply Chain

Students who long to understand insights of the back-end operations and logistics of business units take up MBA programs in Operations and Supply Chain. This course allows students to have unparalleled problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

It includes aspects of the method of items and services’ delivery to the providers from the manufacturers and finally, to the end customers. The good thing is you will come across various management colleges that offer this course online, and you can pursue this course as a regular program too.

The subjects involved

The subjects of MBA Supply Chain Management comprise customer behavior, supplier communication, pricing, quality management, etc. After students finish this course, they get an appointment as Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Consultant, Warehousing Manager, Logistician, Material Manager, Head of Supply, etc. So, it can be said that the field of Supply Chain has evolved as one of the vital specializations of MBA due to product variety, business globalization, and different delivery processes.

Skills to achieve

A few families in supply chain management and operations where business administration skills turn highly relevant are:

  • Analytics – Modeling and calculations for prediction, optimization, control of lead times, and standardization.
  • Business process management – Enhancing an intricate supply chain, streamlining operations, documenting interactions, mapping processes, and information flow for different purposes that includes enhanced knowledge exchange.
  • Vendor management – Administration and negotiation skills.
  • Leadership – To manage every involved team.
  • Innovation – Coming forward with innovative ways to manage traffic, logistics, inventory control, warehousing, etc. from a manual process to cloud services, information technologies, IoT, etc.

Best online MBA programs

  • Amity Online – Amity University Online offers a 1-year programme to deliver a study of a huge range of various theoretical concepts besides functional areas in supply chain management and logistics. The specialization will aid students in gaining expertise in the sphere of supply chain management. It also helps students in having an understanding of different facets of the supply chain industry and logistics. Materials management, purchasing, transportation, supply chain management, foreign exchange, customs regulations, information technology, and international trade are some aspects that students will learn in this course.

For being eligible, students should have enough understanding as well as knowledge of the English language. Now, if students do not have English as their first language, then they should have finished nearly 3 years of Educational Qualifications.

  • upGrad – The online MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics from upGrad caters to entrepreneurs or business owners or working professionals who have got 1-5 years of experience in working full-time. When students study MBA from this institute, they get a chance to learn via real-life industry projects that are sponsored by reputed companies all across industries. Again, they can also extract benefits by learning with Expert mentors. Students can also get personalized, subjective feedback on their submissions for facilitating augmentation. For being eligible, students need to have a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50 percent marks. The program fee is INR 4,00,000, and it includes taxes.
  • Udemy – The online MBA course of Udemy is ideal for those who are employed in operations management or different functional areas and hunting for the operational functions in a manufacturing organization. This course will propose candidates with an understanding of the working of supply chain management in service organizations. Learning this course, you will become capable of arranging the supply chain components besides recognizing their vital drivers. This course will also make you capable of recognizing supply chain management features in a service organization.
  • TalentEdge–The online MBA program in supply chain management of TalentEdge proposes huge benefits to candidates who look for a promising career in this domain. Students who finish their course can get many employment opportunities having impressive remuneration benefits. After finishing the global supply chain management course, students will gain important qualifications for doing a job as scheduling managers, business process engineers, or analysts. Students long to complete online courses for supply chain management as they wish to deal with the industry’s trends and challenges and in this field, balance turns into a challenge that the majority of the professionals confront.
  • NMIMS – The 2-year PG Diploma Supply Chain Management program familiarizes the concepts that are utilized in SCM, and it provides candidates with the management skills that are needed for facilitating the growth of a more effective and better SCM process. The distance learning program of NMIMS does cover concepts of procurement, logistics,and inventory management that help professionals in forming a sturdy working knowledge regarding the industry. Here, students will be taught the basics of management prior to shifting to significant aspects of Supply Chain Management. For being eligible, students need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in just any discipline besides a work experience of 2 years.


The majority of the MBA programs propose students’ specializations or concentrations. An online MBA in Supply Chain Management does fall into this category. Though the number of courses that students might take is related directly to supply chain management, yet they vary based on the program that aspirants take. It commonly involves specializations in the area that they have studied.

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