Kick start UPSC way before others, get all the early bird advantages!

The UPSC civil service examination is not only the most prestigious but also the toughest of all competitive exams. An aspirant has to be well prepared before the examination, as only 1% of a million of students make it to the final merit list.

To crack the examination one needs to have an intense and well planned preparation. This also implies that one needs to have the utmost dedication for a long gone time. Usually, the aspirants start their journey a year prior to the examination.

Due to the time constraints often aspirants get nervous and lose their confidence, which is why it is prudent to kick start early. But we believe that by being an early bird and kick starting the UPSC journey in the month of January itself has a lot of perks.

The following are the benefits of early start of UPSC preparation.

  • Slow start- Now since aspirants are starting their preparation quite early than their examination date. They can take the process slow, one need not study for long gone hours initially. You can study only for 4-5hours at the start and slowly increase the number. This may be a little less pressurizing and the best technique for slow learners.
  • More mock test- Extra time will also allow you to give extra mock tests. Mock tests are the best way to prepare oneself for the UPSC preliminary examination. So if you are preparing 1.5yrs prior to the examination date, you can give multiple mock tests (both online and offline) to experience the examination feel. Do not get scared with the low scores in your initial days. Since you have kick started your preparation earlier your scores will grow eventually.
  • In depth study- The UPSC study syllabus is vast, often aspirants find it difficult to complete it. By starting ahead in time you can actually study the entire syllabus in depth. This will help you to remember better while giving the examination. Make sure you complete all the NCERT books as well as other suggested material.
  • Preparation for mains- Often aspirants find it difficult to juggle between the preparation of mains and prelims. With an early start, they can give a dedicated time to both the examinations. This will mainly help an aspirant to practice the full length question papers of mains and develop a good hand on it before prelims.

An early start does not mean that you will definitely clear the examination, one needs to have a proper preparation strategy for this.

  • Understand the examination structure, do not start studying the books directly until you are well versed with the syllabus. Often students jump on the books directly without understanding the demand of the syllabus.
  • Do not quit on reading newspapers. Many aspirants directly pick up the short current affair notes from different classes and online coaching. Nonetheless, reading newspapers the old school way and making notes is much more helpful.
  • Be thorough with the NCERT books. NCERT books help the aspirants to cover the basic ground study for UPSC.
  • An early start will help the aspirants to cover the optional subject before the preliminary examination. This will give an aspirant an edge over benefit during the mains examination.

Final getaway!

UPSC Civil Services Exam aspirants do not delay your preparation anymore and start now! During your leisure time prepare for CSAT (GS paper II) and also read a list of different knowledgeable books that will help during your UPSC examination. Aspirants are also advised to read different magazines like Yojana and watch Rajya Sabha news channel for a better understanding of what is happening in the country.

Throughout the process, the most important thing is to stay healthy and positive. This will have a good impact on your confidence level during exams. Do not delay in your UPSC preparation as last minute jitters may hamper your Preliminary scores.

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