When is the right time to start the UPSC Civil Services Exam Revision?

UPSC is one of the toughest competitive examinations, an aspirant roughly spends about a year preparing before the examination. But in spite of this hard work many aspirants fail to clear the examination. And Lack of revision is one of the main reasons for this failure. Often aspirants spend their entire time in learning new things and covering the maximum portion. They allot a very limited time period for the revision which has eventually led to the failure of many.

 In the recent years, UPSC has thrown new challenges in front of the UPSC aspirants. The preliminary exams have now become more analytical than theoretical. To match the new pattern, an aspirant has to be well versed with the concepts. And the best way to do so will be by having a well-planned revision plan. Multiple revisions allow your brain to store the vast data of information.

If you are now looking for an answer as to when is the right time for revision? We can help you! In the recent times, the UPSC has been conducting the preliminary examination in the month of June. For you to revise the entire UPSC portion at least once would require 2 months. And as we recommend multiple revisions we believe that the right time to kick start your revision would be in the month of December.

When is the right time to start the UPSC revision?

Multiple revisions require a long time, the suitable time to kick start your UPSC revision would be in the month of December. Nonetheless, the December revision does not imply that you have to just stop learning new things. It solely means that one must spend the maximum time of their day in revising the older content than learning new.

Also, revising in December will only make sense if you have been preparing for UPSC since a long time. An aspirant needs to have sufficient study material that he/she has completed for it to be revised.

The next question that arises is, How to effectively revise the UPSC study material?

Best Revision Techniques for UPSC exam

The portion of UPSC Civil Services exam is like an endless ocean that one needs to sum it up! Revision may seem a little tricky at first, especially when you are a self-study student. So here are a few techniques that can guide you better.

  • Standard revision- This is one of the most common revision techniques. In this technique, the aspirants revise in a standardized way. For instance, if a candidate allots one subject to each day in a week and accordingly completes the portion in a span of 4-5 months. While giving examination for the same, he will remember only 50% of it. He needs to spend a minimum of 1 month revising in the same pattern to remember at least 60% of it. On this basis, he needs to start the revision 5 months before the examination to remember 100% of his studied material.
  • Frequent revision– If you believe in smart study then you may plan for frequent revision. In this technique, an aspirant revises the study material as soon as he completes a part of his syllabus. For instance, if a candidate studies 5 chapters of one subject today, he may revise it in the evening or next day itself for 100% recollection. He may set a timetable, where he studies for a part and revises the other frequently.

Aspirants should be able to gauge which of the technique suits them the best.

Quick revision Hacks!

  • Revise the old syllabus with confidence, do not live in self-doubt this may hamper your entire confidence.
  • Give mock test after your syllabus, this will help you understand if your preparation is going as per plans.
  • Do not keep learning new things till the last moment, focus only on revision in your last month before the examination.

Final Getaway!

UPSC preliminary examination is tough and it tests an aspirant’s analytical and memory power. Aspirants have to spend a reasonable time in revising their study material. Prepare a revision timetable that will help you to revise without any hassle.

Remember, your success in UPSC prelims will highly depend on your revision. Do not spend time being lazy or a procrastinator, buckle up aspirants, it is time for UPSC!

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