IIM Students Demand Fee-Waiver

Referring to an economy that “looks extremely dreary”, students of IIM Calcutta have asked for a fee waiver and said they were dubious about occupation possibilities. 

The leader of the student body at the Institute, Hunar Gandhi, wrote a letter to the director of the institute that states: “The circumstance of the economy looks extremely bleak and the graduating clumps might be unfavourably influenced as far as future possibilities.

There are so many students who have taken advantage of study loans while others just spend their investment funds from past employments for this course. While we are overseeing individual funds in these troublesome occasions, we can’t stand to be paying similar expenses for an alternate and lesser experience than we pursued.

We need the foundation to make it great to us at this basic crossroads in our lives. We thus demand you to give alleviation in the education cost and different charges for different offices that would not be profited (of) by the students.” 

Requests for fee waivers were, so far, constrained to schools. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, alleviating apprehension of an area of its students who had looked for a fee waiver referring to vulnerability to job opportunities, the specialists of the IIM-Calcutta have said that the establishment will do everything conceivable to encourage ideal finishing of the MBA program. 

IIM-Calcutta Director Anju Seth in response to a letter sent by the students’ committee, stated, “We realize your arrangements have been modified and you face unexpected difficulties.

Your wellbeing is our essential thought, and we will do our absolute best to carry students to the IIMC grounds at the most punctual time with every conceivable precautionary measure set up. We miss you and need you here!”

Seth guaranteed the students that the specialists are focused on the convenient fulfilment of the MBA program. “Given the intricacy of the circumstance and the ever-evolving situation, our arrangements are fundamentally still in transition.

If it’s not too much trouble have confidence that we all at IIM Calcutta are doing everything conceivable to encourage your protected, convenient, and effective fruition of the MBA program,” she added.

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 Source – The Telegraph India.