Why This Is the Right Time to Enrol in an MBA Course

Our lives revolve around different uncertainties. We may not know about the forthcoming difficult and what scenarios we would be pushed to face. The global pandemic and its aftermath have proved how uncertain our lives our and that no amount of calculation or precaution can protect us from live hurdles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced major nations to shut down numerous activities resulting in complete isolation till the pandemic was cured.

The devasting results of the pandemic have deprived a huge number of people from basic life amenities like food, shelter, and healthcare. Thousands of prominent workers lost their source of earning and are on the verge of falling in the poverty-stricken section.

Major organizations like WHO, the national NITI Aayog, and eminent nations like China, the United States, and others underestimated the disastrous effects of the global virus.

Major e-commerce companies have lost millions of dollars due to the drastic drop in sales and other activities. The crude oil, which was considered to be of high value in the stock markets, has now lost its essentiality since there is no buyer for the same.

Moreover, companies like BigBasket has been finding it difficult to meet the demands of the customers. The pandemic has changed our regular ways of living. The Internet has become a boon to the people locked up in their homes.

It is estimated that Zoom users increased from a total of 10 million users per day to 300 million a day. Numerous similar activities are happening in different nations. Therefore, it is uncertain to know what is the correct time of doing a certain activity.

The coronavirus has emerged as a key factor in determining the uncertainty revolving around MBA courses. The summer internships which were offered to management students have gone haywire due to the lockdown phase. Moreover, the convocation of the graduating student has been either postponed, canceled, or done through virtual means.

The student exchange program schedule has been uncertain as well. Also, the majority of MBA classes were carried out through virtual mediums. The admissions have been delayed, and the new batch has not been able to get the enrolment.

Keeping these aspects in mind, it is certain to question whether it is the correct time to join an MBA college or not.

Experts believe that the beginning would be tough, but an individual must join an MBA school. The impacts of the current situation of the educational sector can be unraveled. Virtual classes, internships, etc. are impacting the current situation massively.

However, students are left with little to no choice in this decision, and therefore it is considered to be the real normal. The two-year residential programs would create a huge impact on the upcoming students.

The academic session would face changes and modifications keeping in mind the prevailing situation. There are chances that certain management schools would commence with online classes for the whole term.

Major MBA activities can be dissected to understand why it is the correct time to join an eminent management institution. Moreover, the transformed curriculum, activities, etc. play a key role in determining the future of the students.

Numerous MBA schools expose students to prominent opportunities in a time-bound manner. However, these activities would be carried out in different manners due to the health crisis. Here is a list of activities that would be practiced by management schools across the nation.

  • Change in the commencement timeline of academic courses

MBA colleges start the academic session from June or July every year. However, as per the UGC guidelines for the session of 2020-21, the new classes would commence from September 2020. Moreover, more the year 2021, the authorities would try to run the institution according to the general timeline. Hence, the term is likely to end in less time than the usual duration.

  • Studying via online classes

MBA courses are ideally designed for offline modes. The course requires practical knowledge and cannot be taught like regular book subjects over virtual mediums. However, with no other option left, the institute would start classes online with other practical methods.

  • Networking amongst students

Networking is considered to be the core of MBA colleges. The networking among newcomers is hindered due to the situation. Most of the networking happens in the span of the first two terms.

Therefore, get together, and networking events can be organized post the COVID-19 scenario. However, students must try to get out of their secluded behaviours and make the most out of every activity planned.

  • Student exchange program timeline

Exchange programs play a key role in grabbing prominent corporate experience and knowledge. The cultural change and different academic build-up offer an insightful view of how different curriculums work. However, for upcoming students, the exchange program is likely to begin around the same duration, i.e., the fifth term.

  • Career opportunities

Joining a prominent MBA school is an investment since huge sums of money are paid to the institutes. Therefore, efficient career opportunities are offered to students. Moreover, placements and preferred salary packages are vital factors considered while choosing an MBA school.

  • Change in the summer placement pattern

The summer placements usually occur in the second term of college. However, this year it would be postponed since the academic session began late. It is also estimated that major companies would reduce hiring, and work would be offered at low costs. Therefore, the summer placement pattern would face massive disturbance.

  • Lateral placement activities

The final placements of upcoming students are expected to be better since they are planned for the year 2022. The situation would be better till then, and hence, the activity would go as planned. However, the placement of the current batch is expected to face major difficulties.

If you are planning to join an MBA school this year, the initial learning would be affected. However, it is expected that the situation would become better and normal timelines would be followed. The next one and a half years would be difficult for the corporate sector, and there is a possibility of salary cuts, fewer recruitments, etc. to prevail.

As a result, the management schools will shape their students accordingly and provide complete guidance. Being optimistic and adopting better approaches would be the key to making the most out of the prevailing situation.

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