IIM Sambalpur has welcomed the new batch of MBA and Ph.D., through organizing for an online inauguration program.

Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur

Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur is a public business school which is located in Sambalpur in the state of Odisha in India. It belongs to the renowned list of Indian Institute of Management or the IIMs.

It had its very first batch of students that started in September in the year,2015. To be precise, the campus is located in Jyoti Vihar, Burta, Sambalpur, Odisha.

Setting up of IIM Sambalpur was first announced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in 2014, and the campus finally became functional in the year 2015.

In the very initial years, it was mentored by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. The present campus is a temporary one, and a new campus with over 237 acres area is being developed as the permanent campus. This new campus is situated in Basantpur.

Various Programs Offered by Indian Institute of Management, Sambalpur

IIM Sambalpur offers the basic five programs currently. Following is the list of all those programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration is a two-year full-time residential programme, in IIM Sambalpur.

The main aim of this programme is to groom all the participating students as a globally responsible leader, and all of this is to develop an individual with a profound capacity to learn and adapt in terms of the national and international context.

The curriculum followed in IIM Sambalpur for the MBA course is meant to augment knowledge, skills, ability, and the right kind of attitude for making things work in the right way so that the business can excel and thrive exceptionally.  

  • The Ph.D. Programme

The growth of any kind of business depends on a few important things. For instance, on the application of the paradigms of knowledge that always demands innovation and creativity and pushes one to not just do the age-old things and always think of something out of the box.

For acquiring this much creativeness and relevance, the role of academics becomes important. This is the very objective of the PhD course in IIM Sambalpur.

IIM Sambalpur is going to commence its second batch of the doctoral programme leading to the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree, in the academic year 2020 to 2021.

This programme mainly recognizes the importance of research and which also embodies the spirit of commitment towards providing a management research institute. The programme prepares the students for a career in academic or research positions in the industry. 

  • Executive MBA

Executive MBA or EMBA is another graduate-level business degree that IIM Sambalpur offers to the students.

This program is very much similar to the regular MBA programme; the only main difference is that an executive MBA programme, is designed to educate and enhance the careers of the working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and various other business leaders.  

  • MDP on enhancing academic leadership skills

This is basically a training and mentoring programme for the CBSE Principals and Vice Principals.

This particular training programme enables all it’s participants to acquire knowledge on how to bring forward that change which the current education system longs for. The MDP course aims to teach individuals how to lead an academic institution towards excellence.

  • Executive PhD Programme

IIM Sambalpur also offers courses for Executive PhD Programme. This is a very new course that IIM Sambalpur has brought into its curriculum in this year itself.

This is a special of its kind programme, that has been designed for the working professionals, who all have a minimum of 5 years of full – time work experience. This is one of the eligibility criteria that a person willing to do this course has to fulfil.

This course is intended to provide industry professionals with an opportunity to build a career in academics.

Not only this, but the program also encourages scholars to carry out research in the fields of management, which finally leads to the publication of their papers internationally.  

What all has the Institute planned for during the pandemic?

 Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sambalpur welcomed its very new batch into the Institute. But this time, the welcome was planned entirely different than the older times, because this time the welcome of the freshers was made virtually.

After conducting all the admission proceedings online, IIM Sambalpur, which is considered to be one of the finest Business Schools in the country, welcomed the MBA CLASS OF 2020 to 2022 through a virtual inauguration program. 

The Chief Guests for this same event were Guru Prasad Mohapatra and Prabhjeet Singh. Guru Prasad Mohapatra is an IAS, Secretary in the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIT), and a keynote speaker.

Prabhjeet Singh is the President, Uber, India, and South Asia, who graced the occasion along with Guru Prasad Mohapatra. 

Professor Mahadeo Jaiswal, the Director of Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur, started the inaugural program with a welcome address to all the fresh minds, who were all set for a new journey.

Professor Atri Sengupta, the Chairman, PGP, introduced the entire MBA Programme and then he was followed by Professor Balamurugan Annamalai, the Chairman PhD, he then introduced the entire PhD program to the freshers.

After all these introductions, an official statement was released by the management institute that clearly stated that the current batch of MBA, which is the 6th batch with its full strength of 168 students, has proved to be a vibrant combination of genders and their academic diversity as well.  

Director of the Institute, Professor Jaiswal added that among all the students that have taken admission this year, 72 percent of them are from Engineering backgrounds, while the rest 28 percent are from the other subjects.

Certainly, 60 percent of the students are coming with prior work experience in the industry. Professor also said that the class profile is also diverse in terms of gender with a total of 40 percent female representation, with all individuals belonging from a remarkably diverse and both economic and academic background, representing more than 17 states or Union Territories of the country.

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