IIM alumnus Srikant Datar now designated Dean of Harvard Business School

Srikant Datar, an alumni of the esteemed IIM Ahmedabad, has soon designated the new Dean of the Harvard Business School. He will start working on the post from 1st January 2021. He is the second constant Dean of Indian origin after Nitin Nohria.

Mr Bacow mentioned, “Srikant is a preeminent mastermind of the eternity of business learning, also has lately performed a vital part in HBS’s artistic answer to the difficulties postured by COVID-19 pandemic.”

Datar has competed with superiority in a series of administrative professions almost 2.5 decades at Harvard.

“Modest and respected.”

Srikant Datar has stated that he is honoured for getting on the part” as designated the new Dean of the Harvard Business School later Nitin Nohria.

He also added, “I am looking forward to working with associates and colleagues of the School, even during Harvard, in our Boston community, and throughout the world to accomplish our purpose in everything assuredly will be a fascinating modern time.

Datar’s remarkable work

He graduated from the University of Bombay in 1973 and considered to work as CA. Srikant Datar earned his postgraduate diploma in business management from IIM- Ahmedabad.

He later achieved his master’s degree in statistics and economics and a PhD in business from Stanford University.

Srikant Datar was an assistant professor and associated professor at the Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Administration from 1984 to 1989, where he got honoured with the George Leland Bach Teaching Award.

Presently, Datar is working on a regulatory foundation of IIM of Calcutta. He took many significant roles in HBS, later rejoining the institute as a staff member in 1996.

He was the School’s excellent Senior Associate Dean accountable for staff hiring, faculty growth, administrative guidance, to analysis, and currently for University affairs.

Dr Datar’s to the Harvard Business School Community

After the decision by the Harvard President, on 9th October, Dr Datar greeted the HBS Community. We are leading to the tremendous difference that MBA study is experiencing.

I have found engaging plans for pioneering in our MBA curriculum, existential knowledge, relinquishing several students by creative resolutions, encouraging student entrepreneurs in directions we couldn’t have prepared before, also creating unique chances for lifetime knowledge.”

Srikant Datar’s powerful speech.

“I am sincerely honoured to be designated the Dean of Harvard Business School. I am thankful for the belief and trust you have put in me to guide HBS. Gratefulness also to the staff, faculty, seniors, alumni, and family and colleagues.

The pandemic needed us to face difficulties in too diverse dimensions. Teachers, students, and faculty have asked to teach, read, and operate remotely, upon circumstances of matters of wellness, work safety, variations in the migration system, a financial downfall, etc. 

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