Since its establishment in 1993, Pearl Academy has cemented its position as one of the preeminent institutes in the avenues of fashion, design, and media. The institution provides over thirty uniquely curated undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development programs at its campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, and Mumbai. One of the unique characteristics of Pearl Academy is how the Institute understands the value and importance of incorporating new-age teaching methodologies as well as emphasising on modern and contemporary education.

Pearl Academy incorporates a host of features into their education such as international exposure, industry insights as well as professional weekend programmes – ‘ Pearl Edge’. We can throw light on the relevance of these factors below –

International Exposure

International outlook and culture can undeniably influence the growth of a student in diverse ways, mainly through the following actions.

  • Networking
  • Understanding of foreign languages
  • Cross-cultural exposure
  • A sense of accountability and stability
  • Temperament and character enhancement

At the undergraduate level, Pearl has curated a chance for students to receive a bachelors degree by pursuing courses at the University of Derby, UK or Torrens University, Australia. Both of these countries are extremely student friendly and serve as perfect platforms to boost a youngsters career. Similarly, postgraduate students of fashion and design are presented with the opportunity to study at Domus Academy, Milan. The country of Italy is globally known for its fashion and design industry.

Industry Insight

The faculty at Pearl believe that in order to grow to their maximum capability, students must attain relevant practical knowledge through events and classes conducted by industry experts. The ‘Whats’s Next’ event series aims at hosting panel discussions on noteworthy topics in the sphere of fashion, design, and media. For example, the latest event – ‘What’s Next in Digital Entertainment’ was held to throw light on some pressing topics such as the future of entertainment content in the digital age and new business models in digital entertainment.

Another event called ‘Pearl Portfolio’ is considered to be the most eventful moment in a final year student’s career, where they essentially take their formative steps into the professional world. Students across all four campuses display their top quality creations and designs – aiming to present their quirky style attained during their time at Pearl Academy.

Pearl Edge

Pearl Edge refers to the 11-month weekend courses designed by Pearl Academy. These courses are highly contemporary and niche, and only take place over the weekend. Students enrolled for these courses attain a plethora of benefits, such as –

  • Top quality facilities
  • Opportunity to visit international fashion and design events
  • Exposure through masterclasses by industry experts
  • Entrepreneurial skill advancement
  • Access to state-of-the-art labs and library.
  • Gala Graduation Show along with Convocation
  • Opportunity to attend Fashion Weeks and Design Festivals
  • Entrepreneurial skill development

Some of the courses offered, such as Mobile Journalism, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging, and Contemporary Photography among others, are extremely pertinent in the contemporary world today. This highlights the value Pearl Academy places on fresh and vibrant education – with so much changing in the environment around us. These courses equip students with international exposure in the form of events and competitions, along with masterclasses with industry experts and specialists.

Henceforth, after studying and evaluating the unique and distinct characteristics of Pearl Academy, it is rather easy to conclude that the curriculum offered is highly different compared to other institutes in the country.

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