When it comes to India, MBA or Master of Business Administration is a highly popular course. Each year there are thousands of students from all over the country that appear for entrance exams in order to get accepted into some of the top management or business schools of India to pursue an MBA degree.

An MBA program is essentially one which deals with all aspects of management and business administration and includes subjects such as Business Ethics, Finance, Managerial Economics, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Business Communication amongst many others.

By earning an MBA degree, there is a possibility of not only becoming a successful entrepreneur but also finding employment in nearly all professions. The degree is a highly coveted one but is equally competitive.

Why Go for Online Courses?

There is never any harm in gaining extra knowledge and training. Even if you are in the middle of your MBA, it is a great idea to join an online course which will only add to your knowledge and skill set. Most MBA programs include core papers and then specialisations, and online courses are an excellent way to specialise in more than one area.

By joining one, you would not only be able to learn more about a particular field but would also have the flexibility to learn at your own time. You would be able to find a wide variety of topics to study, ones that are not perhaps available at any institute and would also save a ton of money while learning a lot.

Online courses are nothing but an asset, and in order to add to the value of your MBA degree, you should definitely consider joining an online course.

Some Free Online Courses to Add to Your MBA Curriculum

Given how competitive and tough the industry can be, it helps to have as much knowledge and skill as possible, and online courses are an excellent way to do so.

There are a number of universities, institutes as well as online platforms which provide a wide variety of online courses that will help supplement your MBA.

Here is a list of some free online courses you can add to your MBA curriculum:

  • Entrepreneurship: One of the most commonly chosen specialisations when it comes to MBA in entrepreneurship, and if you opt for another one and yet wish to know about this area, there are many online courses on this subject. An online entrepreneurship course will help you understand the fundamentals of setting up your own business, or essentially of a start-up, and will also help you figure out what it is that you need in order for that start-up to be set up and sustained. There are a number of people today that wish to have their own business which makes the market competitive. In order to not only succeed but to also stay longer in the industry, you need to have a proper idea of everything you need to do, which is what this course will help you with.
  • Marketing: An incredibly important aspect of your MBA program would be marketing. If you wish to make a career in this field and want to learn more about the basics of marketing, then joining an online course for the same would be an excellent idea. Marketing basically deals with the process of identifying, anticipating as well as meeting the needs or demands of the customers, and it is thus a study of exchange relationships along with management. What you would learn through an online marketing course is how to successfully promote as well as sell the company’s products and services through the means of effective strategies, analysis, research, and pricing. In short, such a course will prepare you to create effective marketing campaigns for just about any field.
  • Software Programming: There has been a tremendous improvement in the field of technology, and it is believed that the future will consist mainly of machines and computer-based intelligence. In such a case, learning more about how the technology works, specifically how software is built etc., will be quite helpful. If you have an interest in this field and are looking for online courses for software programming, there are many options. This course will help you write computer codes which will then enable the software to function efficiently. It is a key aspect of software development since the codes carry out the instructions of software development. With the help of such a course, you can learn JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL etc.
  • Human Resource Management: Finding suitable employees and training them to suit the company’s needs is also a kind of employment. This is known as human resource management. By joining an online course HRM, you would be taught how to select and recruit suitable employees, provide them with the necessary orientation and training, keeping track of their performances, deciding compensation and benefits, maintain healthy employee relationships amongst many other such tasks. Human resource management is an extremely popular career option in today’s date and can be quite lucrative, which means joining an online course for the same would be a great idea.
  • Fashion Management: Management is a broad term which means that it includes a lot of different aspects. However, if you want to narrow down the profession and delve into an industry such as the fashion industry, an online course on fashion management along with your MBA, would be the right choice. With the help of said course, you will be taught how to engage in effective fashion marketing, ensuring that customers are provided with specific products at a particular time, which also includes being aware of the inventory.

There are a lot of online courses available that will definitely add to the value of your MBA degree and will improve the chances of you finding desired employment. By taking up online courses along with your MBA program, you will be able to learn a lot more and will be able to seek employment in a number of fields.

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