Game Time with PaGaLGuY

All these exams are approaching faster than we can comprehend. The stress of these ongoing exams to land your dream job or institute seems never-ending.

Don’t you feel like you could use a break? It’s been one long ride, and it has only really started now. So, let’s put a pause on them books and play some games.
Worry not, we understand that your time is crucial which is why we have designed a game that will help you refresh and boost your knowledge while you have your gaming hat on.

Let’s see how Alert, Accurate, and Amazing you are!

Game Guidelines:

  • The banner (spot it above) will appear across groups/threads on different sections of the website
  • If you spot it, click on it
  • Do the task that is mentioned there
  • Fill in your details
  • Voila, you’re in the endgame now!

Task Types:

  • General Knowledge
  • Movie Trivia
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Data Interpretation

Winning Parameters: 

  • Alertness – Keep an eye out for the banner
  • Accuracy – The task demands no errors
  • Amazingness – Be consistent with your detective and solving skills


  • The banner will appear in random time slots throughout the day
  • The banner will appear on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • For mobile, the banner will appear only on the MBA section


  • Cash
  • Vouchers
  • Chat session with Subject Matter Expert

A grand prize awaits you at the end of every game. What are you waiting for? Put those glasses on and keep an eye out. Click, click, click, before it’s gone in a blink.

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  1. @dasbar
    We must relax in between to get ourselves refueled to acquire new energy .
    October 2019
  2. @Mr_Chow
    contact me for memes
    October 2019