Faculty Initiatives You Won’t Find at Any B-School Other Than LIBA Chennai!

Rightly pointed out by world leaders like Elon Musk and Bill Gates, the bright Indian minds can be nurtured in the best way only if the education system is well developed. With the MBA trend picking some pace, there are a number of new MBA schools that have joined the race. However, there are only a few schools that have adapted new learning techniques to cater the inquisitiveness of their students.

LIBA, Chennai is one such school where they have adapted unique and new learning techniques, so that students are actually interested in attending the college as opposed to bunking lectures.

Some of the unique teaching techniques are listed below-

1. Hitting the Middle Stump-An Activity Based Learning Exercise-

Each group consists of five students. Each student needs to throw six balls at the stump and the total number of throws is limited to 30. The scores are based on the number of hits. This is part of the internal evaluation process of the course. The activity is based on development of team culture in the students and also improve their accuracy.

2. Supply Chain Beer Game

The purpose of playing the beer game is to provide the participants with hands-on experience in dealing with the challenges in managing supply chains. The beer distribution game (or simply, “the Beer Game”) is a role-playing game, which simulates chaos, complexities, and structural problems in the supply chains. Of course, there is no beer in the beer game, and the game does not promote drinking.

3. Process Layout Demo

A group game that is based around the idea to educate the students about the customer requirements and how do you cater to a proper process for achieving the same. The material flows from one department to other department as per order and product specification requirement. Sometimes, the customer only wants painting, and sometimes only fabrication.

4. Theatre as a pedagogical tool

Theatre is an experiential tool used specifically in the classroom to engage and bring about reflective thinking on a topic. It is blended with theatre forms and techniques to engage the student cognitively and emotionally and thereby bring about greater involvement with the learning process. As a learning-by-doing art form it lends itself to greater retention of the concepts and provides a larger perspective of the concept in a wholesome learning environment.

  • Predominantly used in the Organization Behaviour class to dwell upon personalities, emotions and attitudes
  • Successfully used in the Organization Theory, Structure and Design classroom to a culturally diverse audience to teach boundary-spanning roles, co-innovation, and interconnectedness

5. Gamification

Students play the game Knack to develop an analytical behaviour. It is meant to understand talent identification through a mobile-based gaming experience in the Strategic Human Resource Management class.

6. Study the relationship and impact of Capital Budgeting decision on Wealth maximization

With the idea to study the effect of capital budgeting with specific reference to wealth maximization, the activity involves students performing their analysis with reference to the chosen company. It’s more of case study activity which also involves team building activities.

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7. Trading Strategies Using Derivative

To develop skill in price discovery using “Cost of carry” information from real time practice especially from the Multi Commodity Exchange.

8. 100/- Exercise (published in International Journal of Business Management and Scientific Research)

With the objective to generate a business idea in a short span of time, assess the market need and to gain self-confidence, be innovative, and develop selling skills this is a simulation of market place meant to make the students develop solution oriented and innovative thinking.


9. “Markets of Chennai”


  • To understand the various traditional and contemporary market places in Chennai
  • To observe how buying decision happens
  • To understand how different customer segments are targeted by marketers


10. LIBAzaar – The annual Disguised Market Research Activity

To focus on making the students understand how to conduct a disguised market research and also prepare a research proposal at the same time.


11. Performance Review Meeting – Role Play (Roles: Manager, Subordinate and Observer)

  • To understand how to and how not to handle a Performance review session both as a supervisor and subordinate using Performance review templates.
  • To learn the art of rapport-building and starting with the positives, without being critical in communicating the negatives as a manager
  • To not be overtly defensive in making their point of view as a subordinate Immediate feedback by the observer as to how the review meeting was conducted.

12. Negotiation Skills

  • To understand the importance of negotiation skills in sales closing
  • To learn and use ZOPA and BATNA during negotiation
  • To develop negotiation skills, which includes communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills


Thus, with these unique activities, LIBA looks to create a healthy learning environment along with fun at the same time. Via these activities students would not be just sticking to book oriented learning but also get a taste of the practical experience they are to encounter in their jobs. Important topics like Negotiation and efficient market research are not covered in many colleges, however separate attention is given to these topics via activities at LIBA. These make them well prepared for their future.


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