While opting for an MBA program at the desired B-school, students ofttimes find themselves in a dilemma for choosing a traditional MBA or domain-specific MBA degree. While both of them are good options to pursue, each of them has its pros and cons. Here is a detailed description of domain-specific and traditional MBA degrees.

Traditional MBA


  • A general MBA offers an overall knowledge of all the aspects of business and management. One would learn the basics of all mainstream industries and be familiar with the primal know-hows of the same.
  • Eligibility to get admission in a traditional MBA program is not restricted. Instead, a student from any technical background can pursue a traditional MBA.
  • The traditional MBA is holistic in curriculum, thereby instilling a comprehensive skill set among students like leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, etc.


  • A traditional MBA degree poses a disadvantage to the student in terms of entering the industry. Therefore, the student would have to work independently to hone themselves for any specific sector they want to join.
  • There is no advanced knowledge on any subject or industry in a traditional MBA degree.
  • This is not a good option for students willing to enter a specific niche and make a career in one particular industry.

Domain-Specific MBA


  • Students who pursue a domain-specific MBA would prefer a traditional MBA in a specific industry because they have a niche in the industry.
  • The individuals are pursuing domain-specific MBA get a holistic and advanced knowledge of the field, thereby gaining a hold on the subject area.
  • Many individuals who are particular about the kind of industry they want to pursue a career in can find their best fit in a domain-specific MBA as it makes one industry-ready.
  • The specialized MBA offers a great opportunity in terms of employment in a specific sector.


  • The specialization is in one field; thereby, the students will have to be sure about the fate of entering the field. Therefore, the transition from the specialized industry to another one becomes difficult.
  • Specialized programs are well suited for industry professionals; subsequently, it becomes difficult for a fresher to adjust.

Why Domain-Specific MBA at WUD

The World University of Design is bringing a fast-paced and cutting-edged revolution in terms of domain-specific MBA education. With the in-demand and industry-specific concentrations, WUD is offering a chance to students to embark on a holistic career in the field of their choice.

The MBA program in Design Strategy and Management at WUD is based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that aims to make the individuals adept in Design Strategy and develop designs that focus on the overall development of society.

Data Analytics is a contemporary in-demand field that has numerous opportunities in store. WUD offers 2 Year MBA program in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Design Thinking. The main aim of this program is to instil a contemporary blend of design with analytics and technology, thereby making the individuals industry-ready.

Thriving on the principles of creativity and its relation in solving some of the world’s pressing problems, WUD offers a holistic 2-year MBA program specializing in Service Design. This is a perfect program for creative souls, aiming to manage and solve recurring problems across domains. This program offers a range of opportunities across verticals.

Thus, WUD has remained a forerunner in facilitating quality education to the pupil with industry-specific topics and an expert set of faculty on board. 

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