With the markets at an all-time high, different businesses are looking at an all-time high demand for management professionals. Business study students are becoming one of the top priorities in the country at this point. Just like you keep an eye on the stock and cryptocurrency markets, MBA programs have issued their version of IPOs. Many new innovative MBA programs have caught our eye and seem to be great options for specific niche markets.

The following are six innovative MBA programs to keep an eye on:

MBA-Design Strategy & Innovation 

Aimed at bringing designing into amalgamation with the general MBA stream, the course focuses on Design Strategy & Human Centred Design through a pathway of studio courses that teach how to use market insights to build products, create experiences, and launch businesses. By the end of the period, one can expect to gain adequate competence enabling them to understand and map the opportunities and design transformational strategies, manage innovation and new business development in any of all the diverse sectors from products to services, governance, crafts to ICT, life and entertainment, etc. Apart from these, it would also be helpful to explore other streams like social enterprises, consultancy or jobs always contributing to the top management function either as team players or as team leaders or even initiating start-ups.

MBA-Data Analytics 

Data Analytics has already become one of the prerequisites to getting into any business-related stream at this date. The MBA related to Data Analytics covers Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Tableau, and software like Hadoop and Stark. It strengthens the foundation of data research and analytics in which a candidate can gain more experience and value-based learning throughout the MBA in Data Analytics course. This course focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of data management and Analysis. Students can also specialize in Data Analytics and Business Accounts, which is the primary subject of study for the course duration. The MBA in Data Analytics course is designed to collect, analyse, and process raw data to provide insights & data to the required domain. This information will help the students with application analytics such as neural networking, prediction algorithms, and forecasting methods applied to business strategies.

MBA-Artificial Intelligence 

In this era of smartphones, artificial intelligence is picking up at quite a pace. Applying AI-based knowledge to businesses that can generate revenue is what this course is all about. It would cover all the information related to Artificial intelligence via the database management system of SQL and Statistics related to it and Predictive Modelling and Analysis and how to apply this knowledge to business administration, accounting and commerce. 

MBA-Design Thinking 

An MBA in design thinking looks to bridge the gap within generic management streams using every organisation’s design and innovation processes to manage change. These programs are intended to help management graduates to learn the essence of design processes and designers. Topics of Design Thinking methods and application, Human-centred design and systems and service design are targeted. Design Thinking will further help business leaders to incorporate thinking across multiple disciplines, undertake more ethnographic studies and less quantitative Analysis, and view richer insights about the targeted personas. It will help management graduates develop the confidence to make swift decisions, be comfortable with placing strategic bets using intuition and data, and be more customer-centric by understanding basic approaches from ethnographic research and communicating how design thinking will connect to business strategy. 

MBA-Service Design 

This concentration is aimed at future leaders and managers of service-based organizations. It is not sector-specific and applies to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, IT, travel, retail, education and even oil and gas. The course examines the complex cultural, technological, and systemic issues facing businesses and governments to create new services for now and the future. The program will prepare students for (a) creating new consumer services by identifying human needs via Human Centred Design, transformational services, and delivery in complex organizations, for example, in retail, banking and hospitality. (b) development & innovation in public service and policy in transportation, health and education, and (c) speculative futures to envision radically new services and user experiences driven by technological, environmental and social challenges.

M.Des-International Fashion Business 

The International Fashion Business program is designed to forge a leader in the global world of the fashion business. Offered in collaboration with the School of Management, the master’s program comprises of three main focus areas, i.e. (a) Fashion knowledge & Analysis: fashion cycle, fashion studies, fashion trend forecasting, analytics, quantitative methods and design thinking (b) Data analysis & planning: digital marketing, omnichannel marketing, data analysis, & strategic planning, and (c) Business Application: import/export, domestic retail, overseas commercial development, fashion operations, online and offline distribution. The course is designed to offer an opportunity to study international fashion business in a creative environment to students with a range of ambitions and interests in fashion who do not aspire to be fashion designers. From the placement perspective, they’ll attract opportunities in Fashion Design, Luxury Brand Management, Retail Management, and Fashion Management besides entrepreneurship.

The above six streams are one of the most looked for in these past years. The World University of Design offers these unique niche courses, which have a vast segment of design linked to it. WUD is India’s first and only university dedicated to education in the creative domain. WUD’s BBA and MBA programs take a holistic approach to moulding students into well-rounded management professionals. In addition to building students’ knowledge base and competencies in the selected area of specialization, the focus is also on honing their thinking abilities, leadership & life skills. Thus, the university offers many options for MBA studies and is one to eye for.

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