What are the best courses in MBA that have demand in India?

You today are exploring different career options. Unable to understand what you would like to take up after your graduation, you may end up selecting a career unsuitable for you. Do not worry, you will find a solution to your problem in this article.

MBA can be the perfect option for you. It will open up several other career options. MBA is one stream that will provide you with many options from which you can select whichever you will.

Some of the best courses in MBA that have demand in India are:

  1. Marketing: with the emergence of social media, marketing has taken a new form. Companies need people who have a sound knowledge of marketing as this is the first step that will flourish the establishment. Companies are recruiting markets who are creative and have a new take on products. After all, innovation is the key to marketing. Markets should understand the demands and psychology of consumers and advertise their products accordingly. After a specialization in MBA, marketing is the most sought after field of study. Marketing programs will train you to become a sales manager, product manager, market research analyst, and several other options are also available.
  2. Finance: an MBA course in finance has attracted many candidates mainly because these are some of the most highly paid jobs. You will need a sound knowledge of mathematics and logic to succeed in this field. Maximizing the return will be your main aim along with appropriately minimizing input. Communications skills in another prerequisite for enhancing your performance in this particular job. Banking, accounting, and corporate finance are the job of the areas under MBA in finance.
  3. Human Resource Management: you may have heard about human resource management from several sources. It is one of the leading industries today. The youth is attracted to Human Resource as it deals with several topics. Among these topics, you will need sufficient knowledge of human psychology, leadership skills, sensitivity, problem-solving and decision making skills. The Human Resource industry is booming as more and more candidates are joining the field. Your main role will be to motivate the employees and improve their quality of work while keeping in mind their personal and psychological demands from the job. The main purpose of Human Resource is to make sure the employees and the employers have some kind of mutual understanding and that each of them works together harmoniously.
  4. Information Technology: technology is advancing, and every company wants to keep up with it. They are therefore recruiting candidates who have expertise in the field of technology. You will need some communication skills and knowledge of information technology to appear for this kind of job. There are several companies looking for professionals trained in information technology.
  5. General Management: A company needs to appoint someone who will tackle and manage the problems it faces. Specialization in general management will help you to deal with common, everyday problems that your employers or employees face. To pursue a course in general management you will need to have a degree in engineering and a considerable amount of experience in your field of work. Having sufficient knowledge of the natural sciences will also be of use. The course is designed to train the candidates to manage the daily operations of the firm or the company. Nowadays, most companies are looking for professionally trained general managers as it helps the organization to work better and improve the quality of work.
  6. Healthcare Management: it is a post-graduate course, including full-time classes. This course is an ideal choice for students who have a sound knowledge of biology, physiology, medicine, and other health sciences. The sector requires candidates who have excellent communication skills, some knowledge of Human Resource and Organizational Behaviour. Employees face several healthcare issues, physical as well as psychological, which may damage the quality of the work and therefore the organization will suffer. Therefore having a strong healthcare team is essential for every company.
  7. Data Science and Analytics: MBA in data science or data analytics is a full-time course, stretching over two years. You will need the required rank in entrance examinations to take admission in colleges teaching data analytics. There are only a few colleges that teach data science hence, it can be a little difficult for you to find a college. Some of the colleges that conduct courses in data analytics are Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune, IILM, Gurgaon, SRM School of Management, Ramapuram. To pursue this course, you should have an interest in subjects like Mathematics and computer science, and some prior knowledge about these subjects as well. Data and technology are the future. All leading companies are striving to stay updated and to achieve this they require well-trained data analysts. This type of job will require you to handle the technical data of the company and to maintain and record that data.
  8. International Business Management: international business management is a specialization course in MBA. This is a two-year course and only a few colleges have a course in international business. A huge number of students aspire to pursue study in this field, therefore prepare yourself for some tough competition. Globalization has brought a huge change in how companies manage and handle business. Industries and organizations are required to stay updated about the advancements of their contemporaries at all points. The course will train candidates to run and manage a global business successfully. Young minds are especially good at this job because they understand the requirements of the modern world and can come up with unique and efficient ideas to improve the status and quality of production of the organization. Good knowledge of communication skill, some leadership skill, strong analytics, and scientific knowledge, reasoning ability, decision making skill, problem-solving skill and sound knowledge of business and commerce is required for this course.

The above are some of the jobs that have high demand today. MBA will open up many doors for you and opportunities will pop up right in front of you. Just make sure you put in your best and focus on your dreams and aspirations.

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  1. @Shibu12
    Hey ! Great & informative blog included most of the best colleges. It was helpful for me. You missed the D.Y Patil school of management which offers various programmes in management. My opinion, it is a valuable college to add in your blog
    April 2020