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  • MBA – Service Design
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  • M.Des – International Fashion Business 

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Design Thinking is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. With an aim to encourage students to practice design thinking mindsets, the School of Management conducted the Marshmallow Exercise for students from various disciplines. This exercise helped them learn crucial aspects of collaboration, innovation, hidden assumptions and team spirit.

The activity took 45 minutes in total, wherein the participants were divided into groups of 6. Each team was given a certain amount of spaghetti, a marshmallow and paper tapes. The teams were given a limited time of 18 minutes to build a free-standing spaghetti structure with the marshmallow placed on top. The team with the tallest structure won the challenge.

This activity had a huge impact on students when they failed to build something deceptively simple. As the teams rushed to build up their towers taller than their competitors, they ignored the most important aspect i.e. stability, and saw their structures collapsing towards the end. Surprisingly, the winning team had built the shortest structure but it could stand the test of stability. The realization that planning is as important as building was the key take away. The fun design and build activity taught some simple but profound lessons in testing, iteration, critical thinking and resilience.

For more details visit our website www.wud.ac.in 

To apply for the program click on https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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Desmania Day

Experiential learning and learning-by-doing are the major educational tools employed at World University of Design. The aim is to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, by working on real life problems. 

The School of Management organised 'Desmania Day' on 31st January 2019, with the aim to expose students to working environment of a design studio. Desmania is one of India's leading industrial product design agencies. It started as a modest garage operation in 1993 and has grown over the years as a multi-disciplinary design studio in Manesar, Gurugram. Desmania has an evolved design process and a clear design thinking to offer path breaking and customized design solutions to the clients. 

During their visit to Desmania, 40 students got a chance to interact with the founder, Mr. Anuj Prasad and his team, and gained insights into the working of a design studio. Anuj talked to the students about Desmania's journey, its successes and failures, and his learnings over the years. 


For Information click on www.wud.ac.in 

To apply for the program https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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Entrepreneurship Session with Mr. Amitabh Singh Jolly :

The School of Management, World University of Design organized a learning session with Mr. Amitabh Singh Jolly, Managing Director- CoGlobe UK Ltd. and Partner, Hexagon Consulting. 

The session was open for all the students having entrepreneurial aspirations. It was organized with the objective of solving the queries of the students about the journey towards self- discovery. The speaker Mr. Amitabh Singh started the session by discussing about his academic and professional journey. He provided insights from his journey to the students about how he turned from ‘a paid employee’ to an entrepreneur. After his introduction and self-journey, he held an open session with the students. 

The students were enthused by the talks and actively participated in the discussions. They had number of queries which were heard and solved patiently by Mr. Jolly. He was appreciative of the student’s queries. The students asked about number of processes in the entrepreneurial journey starting from germination of idea to execution of the idea, production facilities, marketing the idea and generation of funds. Mr. Amitabh was able to satisfy the student’s curiosity about the initial funds, difference between angel investors and venture capitalist, the pro and cons of debt and equity funds and long-term funds vs short term funds generation. The session was successful as the students took the learnings with them which will help them in their onward entrepreneurship journey. 

It can be concluded that the growing entrepreneurial thoughts of the students were given the wings to soar higher in the blue sky.

For Information click on www.wud.ac.in 

To apply for the program https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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National Level Business Plan Competition 2019 :

Entrepreneurial culture is growing in India. To cultivate this spirit among the youth early, World University of Design (WUD) organized the first edition of National Level Business Plan Competition' 2019 in association with Startup India, flagship scheme of the Government of India to promote entrepreneurship, on 9th April 2019. It was organized with an aim to stimulate the young minds to think creatively and work towards innovative business ideas in the most promising segments such as Food, Sports and Agribusiness. 

The competition was open to all school students of class IX, X, XI and XII, and witnessed an overwhelming response to the call for entries. The enthusiasm and positive spirit of the students was evident from the huge participation from schools all across India. Each of the 18 participating teams made great efforts in coming up with innovative ideas, a lot of which can be brought to reality and can transform the face of businesses in India. 6 shortlisted teams presented their pitches at WUD campus on 9th April for the final round of competition. The criteria for judgment were innovation, creativity and scalability of the idea.

The judges were highly impressed by the innovative idea of the winning team from DPS International School, Gurgaon, and gave constructive feedback to the team on how to scale it up in reality. All winners took home exciting prizes including 'Design a better business' Book, business planner, and privilege ticket to Global Goals Jam 2019. To say in conclusion, great ideas need a landing gear as well as wings.

For more Information visit our website www.wud.ac.in

To Apply for the program click on https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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World University of Design Hosted 3rd- Edition of Global Goals Jam

- Two –day Service Design Jamfocused on Sustainable DevelopmentGoals set by the UNDP with special focus on #eWaste

- 70 participants across India presented their ideas to achieve UNDPs Sustainable Goal #SDG12 - Responsible Consumption & Ethical production

Delhi NCR, September 24, 2019 - World University of Design (WUD) - India's first and only University dedicated to education in the creative domain successfully concluded the IndiaEdition of the special Two-day global event focusing on Design Thinking & service design methodologies - Global Goals Jam 3.0 (GGJ) from September 20 and 21, 2019. This year’s theme focuses on the growing issue of #eWaste. It is in-line with #SDG12 - Responsible Consumption & Ethical production. 

Seventy participants from across India, divided into 10 groups, participated in the workshop presented their ideas and vision for the future. Some of the innovative solution showcased include the issue of electronic waste created in the space and create solutions to reduce/ reuse/ recycle it.All the 10 teams came up with innovative ideas to solve the problem of e-waste management, unsustainable manufacturing and consumption of electronic products that have become redundant. 

Some of the challenges given to students to present their ideas and prepare their prototypes were:

· How to get an average user interested in eWaste Management?

· How can we spread awareness about what is eWaste?

· How does one work towards segregation of eWaste?

· What could be the various ways of Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and upcycle eWaste?

· How can we scale a given eWaste solution?

Based on the challenges given to the students, some of the prototypes included - Affordable housing through the reuse of #eWaste, , An ATM like machine where one can dump their old gadgets which can be recycle and reuse, Trash It Up – An App which consist of products made of #eWaste, Renting old products, Space Debris – A global issue which needs to be addressed and Tools for the workers in #eWaste segregation industries

GGJ is an international platform for inclusive learning where people from all around the world contribute to the 17 global goals for sustainable development of UNDP by sharing their stories, projects and visions for the future. Presently this event is happening across 60 cities in the world. 

All the projects will be shared with UNDP&UNESCO for evaluation and global rollout. This is the part of the Global Goal Jam procedure. 

Some Eminent personalities presented during the Two –day workshop includes Mr. Saurabh Jain, Vice President, Paytm, Mr. Abhishek Chaswal, Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup and AnandJha, Vice President – 1MG. They interacted with students, discussed about their ideas and guided them on the methodology.

Commenting on the occasion Dr Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor, World University of DesignsaidThis year’s global goal jam marked a new milestone for World University of Design as the event happening in our university marked to be the biggest edition of the Global Goal Jam with maximum entries among all the cities. He further added “We feel privilege to host GGJ for third consecutive year and wish to conduct such events in future so that we can contribute our bit towards the better world”.

Commenting on the occasionChief Guest Mr. Saurabh Jain, Vice President, Paytm said “This is an impressive initiative step by the university andwish them all the best for such meaningful events in future. I myself being a part of UN Global compact sessions and firmly believes that these 17 challenges are very important for every individual to focus upon and eWaste is one of those challenges which needs eye of an hour as countries are dominated by the technologies so is the eWaste.He also said that Design is the driver in various businesses now-a-days.He further added “I am very excited to look some fantastic design related ideas which cater to solve the problems of eWaste”. 

The participants shared their perspective and experiences about the workshop. Discussing about the project – Affordable housing through eWasteone of the studentsfrom the team said, “I am always keen towards the design thinking processes and prototyping. Havinga good house in our country has become next to impossible. Thus, we worked on an idea how we can use #eWaste as an affordable housing solution. The good thing about the Global Goal Jam is that it gives opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and institutions and you get an opportunity to collaborate with them, and you get different perspectives and a new way to look at the problem, also to find solutions for the same.”

About Global Goals Jam

The Global Goals Jam was founded by Marco van Hout and Gijs Gootjes of Digital Society School (DSS), Boaz Paldi, Simon van Woerden and Hana Omar of UNDP and has been further developed and coordinated by Anneke van Woerden (DSS). In the first edition in 2016, 17 cities participated, in 2017, 45 cities, in 2018, 75 citiesand this year we are moving to over 85 participating cities. Thousands of change makers have used our methodology and are now part of this growing learning community around the SDGs, ready to design 2030 now.

For more details visit on www.wud.ac.in

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The process of Admission to WUD programmes shall consist of the following stages:

Step 1. Fill the Admission Form

Students will need to send completed application form available on the website along with the application fee.

Step 2. Campus Interview

The student will appear in a personal interview conducted by a panel. The interview panel will ask questions related to the field of study selected by the student. Creative evidence (portfolio, drawings, photographs, crafts etc.) in hard copy may also be showcased.

Step 3. Offer of Admission* / Admission

Successful candidates will be made an offer of admission to join WUD. The offer will be sent via an email. Details regarding payment of fees at the time of admission, allotment of Hostel and date, time and venue for commencement of the academic session will be included in the admission letter.

*Offer of admission will be valid only for the particular programme opted for by the candidate in the given academic session. However, request for change of programme may be considered after the first semester, subject to availability of seats. In acceptance of the offer of admission to WUD, the candidates will have to appear in person at the campus along with original documents for verification and pay the required fees.

For more Information visit www.wud.ac.in

To Apply for the program click on https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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WUD acknowledges diversity in the origin of its members and the importance of cultural & social activities in improving the personality, enhancing communication skills and building a positive, progressive global outlook. It strongly encourages its students to participate actively in various activity clubs like Film Club, Reading Club, Sports Club, Performing Arts Club, etc. and organize literary, cultural and social events such as sports meet, annual fest, etc. to forge stronger bonds and to bring out their latent talent in these activities. WUD annual fest, named CULT, attracted participation from over 26 colleges from in 15 events. Fashion students of WUD won the Taurus Design Competition.

Campus is also a hub of intellectual activities. Some activities organised by WUD this year are –

National Artists Camp on ‘Unexplored Spaces’ and exhibition at Arpana Art Gallery.

A specialized course on ‘Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice’

Seminar remembering Allen Joseph Stein – the famous architect at IHC

Master Class on Design Thinking & Learning for School Principals

Digital Shakti - a workshop on cyber safety for women students & employees.

WUD organising an International Conference on ‘Functional Textiles & Clothing’ in February 2018 in association with IIT Delhi. WUD has been organising the Global Goals Jam Delhi since 2017 in association with UNDP and MediaLab Amsterdam. Over 50 design thinkers participated in GGJ 2.0 in 2018. WUD invites renowned personalities from various walks of life to share their knowledge and expertise with students. Eminent scholars visiting the campus includes Prof. AG Krishna Menon, INTACH; Prof. Osmud Rehman, Ryerson University; Prof. Elizabeth Rose, University of Otago; Prof. Paul Inman, Pro VC, Oxford Brookes University; Prof. Parik Goswami, University of Huddersfield; etc.

For more Information visit www.wud.ac.in

To Apply for the Programm click on https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

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MBA Courses that are being offered by WUD – 

MBA – with options to choose from cutting-edge specialisations.

· Design Strategy & Innovation - In an interdisciplinary way, the strategy & innovation concentration would have you actively practice Design strategy & Human Centred Design through a pathway of studio courses that teach how to use market insights to build products, create experiences, and launch businesses. In addition to dedicated studio space for heads-down work,students have access to model-making,rapid prototyping, and multimedia technology for the range of projects they take on to bring this work to life. By the end of this programme, you would gain adequate competence enabling them to understand and map the opportunities and design transformational strategies, manage innovation and new business development in any of all the diverse sectors from products to services, governance, crafts to ICT, life and entertainment, etc. and will be equally equipped to enter any industry, social enterprises, consultancy or jobs always contributing to the top management function either as team players or as team leaders or even initiate start-ups.

·  Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking - Harnessing the potential of emerging disruptive technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence & machine learning requires a new set of professional skills. Business world in coming times will be driven by individuals with expertise to apply these skills to organizational needs and strategies while navigating the ethical, psychological, and societal implications. The program aims to dramatically enhance the ability to make informed decisions of high quality,by making most optimal use of emerging technologies, human centred design and application of design thinking. Design Thinking skills imparted through a hands on learning journey will help you develop the creative thinking skills needed to innovate in any organizational context. By elevating your creative thinking skills, you will return to work able to develop and support a creative culture within your organization. A culture that is capable of confidently pushing and sustaining innovative efforts.

· Service Design - This concentration is aimed at future leaders and managers of service-based organizations. It is not sector specific and applies to a wide range of industries including healthcare, finance, IT, travel, retail, education and even oil and gas. The course examines the complex cultural, technological, and systemic issues facing businesses and governments to create new services for now and the future. The programme will prepare students on (a) creation of new consumer services by identifying human needs via Human Centred Design, transformational services, and delivery in complex organisations, for example in retail, banking and hospitality (b) development & innovation in public service and policy in areas such as transportation, health and education, and (c) speculative futures to envision radically new services and user experiences driven by technological, environmental and social challenges. Graduating students will be able to find placements in transport, telecommunications, financial services and retail companies, leading consultancies, government departments and international organisations.

For more details please visit our website – www.wud.ac.in

And to apply for the programm visit - https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

Contact us at - 7056770061, 7056770065

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Facilities that WUD is offering to the students studying here -  


WUD provides spacious, air-conditioned, wi-fi, semi-furnished hostel rooms with attached baths for both girls & boys in campus. The hostel kitchen has been designed by Master Chef Shaju Zacharia and is managed by well known institutional caterers. The hygienically produced, nutritious and tasty meals are consumed by students and staff alike. A separate laundry service is provided. There is a tuck shop to take care of routine daily requirements. Facilities also include a basic health care unit including a full-time nurse and a doctor on call.


WUD provides pick-up and drop facility from various Metro station. It however, encourages students to make use of its excellent hostel facilities for optimum university experience.


A canteen is available at college premises for light snacks and meals. It is also the most popular place on the campus, not only for refreshments, but also for student bonding, discussions and even work on assignments and projects. The stationery shop provides all art material & stationery, photocopy, and has facilities for scanning and printing.


WUD maintains a library amply equipped with physical and soft copies of books, journals and magazines from all disciplines. The Material Museum is a resource of building materials; surfaces, fittings and plumbing etc to provide a real time touch and feel experience to the



It's the workshops where ideas take a tangible form. With one of its prime focus being “learning by doing”, World University of Design maintains high standard workshops for facilitating work of each of the schools. Architecture and Interior students will have Model Making workshop and CAD rooms. Aspiring product designers will find fully functional Machine shop with all relevant hand-tools and power tools. A Makers-Lab is equipped with latest prototyping tools. Students of Fashion have highly equipped Patternmaking, Garment Construction & Sewing workshops. School of Communication work with Apple iMacs Digital & Media Lab, Photo Studio, Print-Making Studio, Sound & Video Editing and AV Studio. The studios are equipped with industry standard hardware and software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Alias, Rhino, Auto CAD, Catia etc. Workshop assistants are present to guide while operating machines and implement safe workshop practices.


WUD also has an art gallery on campus for displaying not only the work of its own students but also holding curated art shows.

For more information, please visit https://worlduniversityofdesign.ac.in/hostel-facilities.php

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International Collabrations:


WUD maintains a global outlook and considers international exposure as a quintessential part of design education. It aims to provide abundant opportunities to its students to explore and experience the various nuances of this facet of education. Such exposure enhances a students' personality and broadens the vision.

Besides signing MoUs with leading educational institutions across the globe to facilitate a constant exchange of students & scholars, WUD connects with the world in many different ways and brings home the internationalization experience to its faculty and students in multifarious ways.


WUD is a member of Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union. It’s the youngest university ever to be awarded the prestigious design and innovation capacity building grant under the programme. WUD, as the lead, is working with a consortium of international partner universities including Brunel University, UK; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; University of Agean, Greece and IIITD Delhi. Details of the project DESINNO can be accessed here.


WUD continue to establish international exchange collaborations with leading education institutions around the world with the aim of facilitating constant exchange of students, scholars, research topics on every subject. Two batches of students have already undergone semester exchange with these universities in 2019 and 2020.

The MOUs already signed are with – UK

University of Huddersfield - recognised as a gold-rated University by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF),UK.
Oxford Brookes University - ranked amongst the world’s top universities in 15 individual subject areas including art and design.
University of the West of Scotland - ranked amongst the top 3% of universities worldwide in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018.


Emily Carr University of Art & Design - Canada’s top design university ranked 9th in the World by Red Dot Design Award in 2015 placing them within the "top ten Design Universities in the Americas and Europe".
Vancouver Film School - Canada’s Premier Entertainment Arts School and a recognized world leader in entertainment arts education with internationally renowned alumni.


College for Creative Studies, Michigan, USA - Founded in 1906, the College for Creative Studies (CCS) is a private, fully accredited college, enrolling more than 1,400 students, pursuing Bachelors & Masters degrees in Color and Materials Design, Interaction Design, Integrated Design, Transportation Design, Advertising Design, Art Education, Crafts, Entertainment Arts, Fashion Accessories Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography, and Product Design.


École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT) - is a 130 year old institution that is considered the leading textile trainer responsible for educating 75% of all Masters in textile in France.


WUD is a full member of Cumulus, the International association of universities & colleges of art, design & media that has over 160 member universities in 60 countries (http://www.cumulusassociation.org/). This provides the widest possible access to WUD to interact and engage with internationalization on a global scale.


WUD maintains a global outlook. It is host to many international forums including the prestigious Global Goals Jam in association with UNDP and MediaLab Amsterdam; Speculative Futures of USA; Design across Cultures based out of Netherlands and having partners from USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Korea etc. WUD has initiated many academic events - first ever biannual International Conference on ‘Functional Textiles & Clothing’ in association with IIT Delhi, hosting over 200 scholars from over 30 countries in 2018 and again in 2020; WUD regularly invites renowned personalities to share their knowledge and expertise with students. Eminent scholars visiting the campus in the past few months includes Prof. Osmud Rehman, Ryerson University; Prof. Elizabeth Rose, University of Otago; Prof. Paul Inman, Pro VC, Oxford Brookes University; Prof. Parik Goswami, Dean School of Fashion & Textiles, Huddersfield University; Prof. Alessandro Biamonti, Politecnico di Milano etc.

For more details click here: https://www.worlduniversityofdesign.ac.in/international-collaborations.php

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