“Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Business Transformation and Competitiveness”, Ft. LBSIM

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management in Delhi conducted an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Conference 2021. The conference was titled “Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Business Transformation and Competitiveness”.

Various distinguished speakers were present at the conference to share their valuable insights in this domain. Prof KK Aggarwal, Chairman of the National Board of Accreditation, gave an overview of artificial intelligence’s history as a discipline.

Mr. Apoorve Aggarwal, Head of IT Service Management Practice, Cognitive Business Professions, TCS, stressed the advantages of online coaching and educational establishments that use artificial intelligence to instruct students.

Dr. Gunjan Tomer, Chairperson, Decision Science and Information, IIM Nagpur, spoke about the use of AI in various industries such as manufacturing, mining, and e-commerce, and how it is being used in IoT, automation, cloud technology, and so on; reducing downtime, improving worker safety, and customer relations, which reduces the cost of electronic devices.

Mr. Peeyush Goyal, a Solution Architect with over 14 years of experience in designing and building creative business solutions for various business domains on mobile, PC, and other platforms, concluded that in the coming year’s AI would play a significant role in making effective decisions.

The technical session was resumed by introducing the session’s theme, “AI for Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage.”

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Saluja, Vice President & Head of Technology at ORIX Auto Infrastructure Ltd, Delhi, began the discussion by presenting his thoughts on the subject. He emphasised how everyone is employing AI in their daily lives without realising it.

Mr. Bhavik Doshi, founder of Good Little Robots in Mumbai, discussed real-time applications of AI in routine chores such as revenue leakages, time-consuming audit processes, vehicle identification, number plate reading at toll plazas, which reduces hardware costs, workforce costs, and so on.

Mr. Gupta started with how catching on to the technology wave is a mandatory prerequisite for any growing business.

Mr. D’Souza, Vice President, Head – SSC at Thomas Cook India Limited, spoke about the use of AI from a Finance and Accounting perspective and gave a gist about robotics automation. He concluded that automation would play a crucial role in the near future and RPA is in finance.

Overall, the conference proved to be an enriching source of learning with an in-depth outlook and experience of how AI and data-driven technologies could positively shape us in the future.

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