Fast-Forward Your Career With PGDM in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science at LBSIM

The PGDM in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme at LBSIM is the country’s first of its type, catering to a specialist field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS), which are presently important buzzwords of global business and skilful management education. AI and DS learnings are now attracting interest from industry and business executives. The Institute’s innovative programme is unique. It mixes cutting-edge AI learning with data science by preparing students to utilise these powerful tools and methodologies in their professional careers. 

Aside from technical abilities, the curriculum provides value-based management skills with a humanistic and pragmatic attitude for successful contribution to society and the business sector. 

The curriculum seeks to provide professionals with a comprehensive approach to problem-solving in a highly dynamic and complicated corporate environment through artificial intelligence and cutting-edge data science methodologies. 

LBSIM invites applications for the upcoming academic year 2022 -24: Apply Now. 

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