On (12-03-2022) Saturday morning, 2 teams from CSB has gone for the competition that has been conducted in VIT Business school located at Vellore. The teams that had registered for the event were named kaizen leaders. Around 18 teams had participated in that event. The event has been started at 1 p.m. The first round is a quiz round and the teams have been given question papers. After finishing the quiz, the result has been announced. 8 teams had been shortlisted and both the teams from CSB have been selected. The second round has been started as a buzzer quiz. In this round, 3 teams had to be shortlisted. From that,1 team from CSB has been selected and another team lose it by 1 mark. Finally,the 3rd round is started with the task of making a business model within 10 minutes. Our team has put their efforts into making the business model. And when the result is announced CSB team has won the 2nd prize. Both, teams have been given participation certificates and the winning team has got the cash prize. The event came to an end by conducting a valedictory function.

Photos that were taken on the campus have been attached here:



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