CAT 2020 Answer Key Release Date Scheduled on 3rd December 2020

The CAT 2020 official answer key release date is scheduled on 3rd December as announced by IIM Indore. The candidates can cross-check their submitted answers by referring to the answer key which would be available on the official website.

The answer sheet will include correct as well as incorrect answers for each question for three different slots. The answer sheets for these slots will be released separately a day after the examination is conducted.

The candidates can refer to the following article, which gives a detailed description of the process to download the answer sheet and to raise an objection if the candidate is not satisfied with the answers. 

IIM Indore declared that it would upload the answer sheets of the three different slots separately on the official online portal.

The CAT 2020 official answer key is also called the CAT 2020 response sheet with all the answers given along with the questions. 

The response sheet will be released on the official website according to Slot 1, Slot 2, and Slot 3.  The CAT 2020 examination was conducted on 29th November in three different slots.

The difficulty level of these three slots was easy for Slot 1, moderate for Slot 2 and difficult for Slot 3. Clearly, the questions asked in Slot 3 were more difficult compared to Slot 2 and Slot 1.

Post examination, the applicants would be eager to refer to the right answers which would be available in the response sheet, which is approximately uploaded 2-3 days after the examination is held. 

The Response sheet allows the applicants to check their submitted answers. If the candidate is not satisfied with the IIM’S version of answers, then the can raise on objection by filling out the Objection form.

The objection form along with the response sheet, will be both available on the official website of the CAT examination 2020. Read the following table of contents to know the important dates to download the answer key, submitting the objection form and the process to raise an objection. 

 Important Dates Regarding CAT 2020 Answer Key Release

CAT 2020 Answer Sheet Release Events

CAT 2020 Important Dates Regarding Answer Key

CAT 2020 Response sheet release date 

3rd December 2020.

Final date to download the answer key

5th December 2020. 

CAT 2020 Objection form release date. 

4th December 2020. 

Final Date to Submit Objection form

7th December 2020. 

Steps to Check the CAT 2020 Response Sheet Online

The following bullet points will help the candidate to check their respective answer keys as per their examination slot. Refer to the following steps to download the answer key: 

  • Enter your respective credentials like CAT user ID and password and log into the official website by clicking on the Login button. 
  • The page will be redirected, and the official CAT page will appear on the computer screen. Here the screen will flash two options: 1. Applicant Details and Candidate Response 
  • The icon on the official CAT website enables the candidate to download their respective response sheets, the status of the answers submitted as well as the correct answers to the given questions. 
  • The candidate has to click the Candidate Response button which will allow him/her to check the answer key for their respective slot. The correct answers are highlighted in green by IIM Indore. The whole PDF comprises of correct as well as incorrect answers along with the questions asked. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the answers given in the response sheet, then the candidate has the provision of filing an objection for each query. 
  • The candidate has to submit the Objection Form without committing any errors and pay the required fee for the form to file an objection. 

Steps for Filing an Objection by Submitting the Objection Form

The objection form will be avail on the official CAT website three days after the examination is conducted. One must refer to the following points before submitting the objection form: 

  • The Objection Form will be released on the official online portal of CAT a day after the examination is held. It is the only way through which the candidates can challenge the official answer key released by IIM. 
  • The Objection form cannot be edited after it has been submitted. It is advised that the applicant should thoroughly check their application and should not commit any mistakes before clicking on the submit button. 
  • The objection fee per query is Rs. 1200. Candidates are allowed to raise only one objection at a time. 

The candidates are recommended to use the updated version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to increase the speed of the website as there is heavy traffic on the portal, which may result in slow response time.

Candidates should constantly check the official website of CAT 2020 to be notified about every update. 

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  1. @princenath13
    can anyone confirm how did the author get the 3rd December date for response sheet? any link of iim indore`s website or the official website of cat where the 3rd december date is mentioned officially?
    December 2020
  2. @tusharsatya
    When will we get response sheet? 3rd Dec has passed...
    December 2020

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