In keeping with tradition at Amity University Gurgaon, the colourful and vibrant annual student’s festival – Amifest 2015 – was held on 20 March 2015.
The day-long intra-university festival showcased the myriad talents
possessed by the students of AUG, be it in the field of art and culture
or in the sphere of technology and engineering. While on the one hand,
the festival witnessed excellent performances on the dance stage,
supremely talented students regaled the audiences with brilliant singing
on the other.

has been part of the AUG folklore since its inception as a university
in 2010. The student’s festival is an extremely important part of the
academic calendar as each student looks forward to the events with
enthusiasm and interest. The 2015 version of Amifest was a grand success
with student’s participation being above expectations in all events
convened as part of the festival, including Techfest 2015 organized by
the Amity School of Engineering and Technology.

major highlight of Amifest 2015 was the spectacular fashion fiesta
which captured the imagination of the audience like never before.
Students of fashion design and technology showcased their creations on
the ramp cheered by a massive show of strength from the students. The
glittering fashion event was preceded by DJ War which
drew tremendous applause from the audience as the multi-faceted
character of our students came to the fore. The auditoria rang out with
the beats of the bhangra as well as popular Bollywood numbers as
the solo and group dance competitions were held enthralling the students
and faculty alike.

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skills of the students were on full display as they participated with
gusto and vigour in the several technical events organized as part of Techfest 2015
including technical paper presentation, circuit designing, LAN gaming,
MATLAB and MCAD, as well as paper plane flying. The day-long technical
fest engaged the students as previous year’s winners jostled for space
with new aspirants. The Tech Gallery with innovative technical and
scientific models prepared by the students and faculty was a major
highlight of Techfest 2015. The events were well attended and
successfully completed.

The field of literature and social issues received a special boost as Poetica 2015 and The Big Debate 2015
were held as part of Amifest. The debate competition saw a fantastic
response from the students as eight teams and two individual
participants matched their wits on a topic of great relevance, “Freedom
of expression with conditions is no freedom”. Close to twenty students
recited their self-composed poems and drew tremendous applause from the
audience as well as the judges.

A high point of Amifest 2015 was the NukkadNatak competition
which drew on social issues such as women’s safety to engage the
audiences with their superlative performances. Live painting sessions
with prominent artists from around the country was organized along with
an art and sculpture exhibition.

2015 ended with the students feeling one with the ethos of Amity
University Gurgaon where talent and spirit is celebrated and promoted.
The infectious enthusiasm matched the efforts of all faculty
coordinators involved in the festival. 

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