From the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals to chances of skilling up, as soon as one thinks of B-School multiple expectations start building up. This is the reason why the quality of life at B-School becomes a major factor in an aspirant’s choice. Considering this, the Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) offers a vibrant scope of opportunities to its students to network and make the most out of their B-School journey. The idea behind this is to ensure that students get innumerable opportunities to scale up themselves. So here are some highlights of what life at LIBA looks like. 

Life at LIBA

– Well-equipped dedicated hostel accommodations for men and women facilitate a space for students to network. 

– Each student is appointed a guardian angel and they can rely on them to cope with any kind of stress and strain. This role is designed to motivate the students to fit into the life of LIBA. 

– One of the topmost priorities at LIBA is student well-being and therefore, the sessions like heartfulness retreats attract a lot of learners. 

– LIBA consistently follows an experiential learning model that is more about ‘being and doing’. This helps them expose to the real-time problem and build their soft skills thereon. 

– The students of LIBA get an opportunity to participate in the flagship cultural fest that is organized annually, Chrysalis. Students from B-Schools across India participate in this cultural extravaganza. It provides a creative platform for future managers and leaders of the industry to exhibit their talents. 

– Students also get an opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial and market negotiation skills through the fair-like event LIBAzaar. It is a fun way to help students understand the market and its demands. ‘

– Besides this, in order to connect in a stronger way with the corporates and recognize the efforts of the individuals who exhibit a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and social commitment, LIBA recognizes them through Mother Teresa Award for Corporates. 

– Students can also network and dive into the process of knowledge sharing through BEACON, the Annual Ethics Conference. This event aims to promote business ethics to the future leader of industry 4.0. 

– Recognizing the importance of diversity through languages, LIBA celebrates Matribhasha Diwas. 

– Students can also take part in the Innovation conclave and nurture their entrepreneurship and innovation skills. 

– Besides this, the campus witnesses the celebration of multiple national and cultural holidays. To commemorate the importance of the constitution, LIBA celebrates Constitution Day. 

– Moreover, the students have the option to dive deep into the pool of opportunities by being a part of varied committees like the Event Management Committee, Cultural Committee, Food Committee, Wellness Committee, and Hostel Committee. 

This being said, Chennai as a city offers multiple vibrant options for students to explore. From Marina Beach to Kovalam, life in itself is very thrilling in the city. Besides this, the proximity to the big corporates opens up a wide avenue of options in this city. Considering all of this, LIBA definitely puts forth multiple interesting opportunities for students to connect and make the most out of their B-School life.


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