Acquiring business knowledge from diverse sectors of the world as well from the most business-orientated location is a unique experience altogether. From developing global leadership skills to working on strategies with people from different societal backgrounds with unique perspectives is what the Universal MBA (uMBA) programme offers to eminent students across the country. Have you ever wondered how getting into one institution can open the doorways to multiple exceptional opportunities without the restriction of geographical boundaries or cultural backgrounds? Well, MET is a unique institution bringing tremendous opportunities at our doorsteps.

A regular MBA programme does throw light on the essential aspects of the business and management world. However, the probability of finding opportunities overseas is a difficult job. But what if, international opportunities are included in the academic curriculum itself? This would get extremely easy. That is the core approach of MET for providing the management and business learning to its students.

The uMBA programme is one of its kind. The academic deliverable polishes the knowledge of the aspirants on business tactics and the holistic teaching methodology of the faculty member push the students to think inside as well as outside the box. This specialised post-graduation programme is a cluster of Indian perspective along with the American way of learning. Case studies, researches, internships, seminars, peer-to-peer networking learning, theory, etc. are a unique way in which learning is provided to the students. Moreover, due to the elimination of geographical boundaries, students also learn from a different perspective of their fellow mates and their opinion on different issues.

The programme is based on close association with global education centres like Manhattan Institute of Management at New York, EAE Business School in Spain and TASA Asia, Singapore. The institution has come together to polish the skill set of the students so that they could meet the Challenges of VUCA Business Syndrome and other career opportunities altogether.

Know why you should join 

MET is a unique and notable institution. However, its core belief as a teaching educational institution is far beyond what is practised in other institutions. With international links and exposure, the institution has been offering a tremendous experience for students from different social backgrounds and cultures. A few reasons to join the uMBA programme at MET are mentioned herewith.

  • Global Opportunities through Internships and other networking pathways

The paid internship programme in New York is a unique experience for grabbing hands-on experience on managerial skills, business knowledge along with networking opportunities. The internship at one of the globally important corporate sectors has been designed to bring out of the students.

  • Grabbing education from globally essential business hubs of the world

Mumbai and New York are two of the most globally influential locations from a business perspective. The environment and revolutionising sphere of both the metro cities, i.e. Mumbai and New York offer a key way to learn how the corporate sector has been evolving and what is next to come. Moreover, studying at these global rich locations adds a bonus point to the person’s profile.

  • A universal approach towards the regular MBA programme

The Universal MBA programme is often a key gateway to global opportunities and career stability. The programme has been designed to offer geographical perspective into the regular MBA course offered at other universities. The co-development of the programme at 3 industrially rich centres of the globe allows the student to hold global acceleration and access to the learning beyond the geographical boundaries.

  • One programme with multiple Certifications

The uMBA programme has been designed to offer a total of 5 certifications at the successful completion of the course. Certifications from institutions and organisations like MIM, TASA Asia, EAE, Internship Employer and the MET institution itself, will help an aspirant in bringing the best to the table and polishing the resume as well.

  • uMBA and Fast-track Swiss-British Dual Degrees with BHMS:
    • The BHMS Business & Hotel Management School, together with the Robert Gordon University (RGU) and the York St. John University ( YSJ ), has designed fast track Sc. and MBA degrees in Switzerland without compromising quality.
    • The BHMS-RGU Dual M.Sc. Degree (with two specialization pathways) may be completed within a 12-month period. Then students can go for TOP-up MBA in a very short period of 3 months study followed by 3 months research and Internship leading to The BHMS-YSJ Dual MBA Degree.

Program Structure at a glance

The uMBA programme is a 24-month course in business management. The programme dealt with national and international activities throughout the course. The students are expected to begin their academic studies at the MET Mumbai campus followed by global exposure through internships and academic studies. The uMBA programme has been divided into a total of 8 quarters.

Quarter 1 and 2 – Academic learning at the MET Mumbai campus

Quarter 3 to 5- MIM at MET New York

Quarter 6 to 8- Internship opportunities at New York

Universal MBA programme Curriculum 

The universal MBA programme is a combination of local, national, and international perspective on the business world and the diverse corporate sectors. Each quarter has a well-structured yet distinct curriculum.

Quarter 1 and 2 are designed to extend knowledge of the foundation aspects of the course. Aspirants are enlightened with fundamental subjects and topics like accounts, quantitative techniques, statistic management, marketing management, economics, contemporary management, and Indian/global economy overview. The curriculum has been equipped with extensive usage of case studies, researches, analytical studies and much more for providing knowledge on fundamental concepts of the business world.

For quarter 3 to 5, the core subjects are introduced at the New York centre. Some of these subjects include a core analysis on subjects like international marketing, principles of accounting, business English and communication, etc. among others. In quarter 5, the students would be provided with an opportunity to choose among the elective subjects like cross-cultural management, leadership, human resource management, entrepreneurship, managing innovation and technology, business analytics, corporate governance, financial reporting, financial markets, E-business, etc. among others.

From quarter 6 to 8, the students are offered internship opportunities in the global hub of business, i.e., New York. After the completion of quarter 8, the students present a dissertation to the institution for the certification of the universal MBA programme.

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Certification and Eligibility

As discussed earlier, after the completion of the uMBA programme, the students would be awarded a total of five certificates. The certifications are awarded by diverse organisations associated with the MET institution. Moreover, MET also provided a certificate of completion post the end of the course. The certificates awarded to students after the completion of the 24-month uMBA programme has been mentioned herewith.

  1. Certificate for the Universal MBA programme awarded by the MET, AMDC, India
  2. Certificate of Diploma in International Business Administration awarded by the Manhattan Institute of Management, USA
  3. Certificate of MIBA Degree for Masters in International Business Administration awarded by Escuela De Administracion De Empresas EAE, Spain
  4. Certificate of Completion of Internship by the internship employer at New York, USA
  5. Certificate of Global programme in International Business Leadership (GPIBL) awarded by TASMAC (A division of TATA Asia, Singapore).

Eligibility Criteria for the universal MBA programme 

The aspirants must possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum accepting score. The selection is based on the scores of the online uMBA entrance test or the MTCET. Aspirants with qualifying scores in international/national other entrance tests like GMAT, MAT, CAT, GRE, MHCET, etc. are awarded a waiver in the MTCET test scores. The aspirants can fill the application form online or the institution by submitting the registration fee of INR 3600 or USD 60.

Career Stability and Future Opportunities 

With a cross-disciplinary curriculum and a holistic teaching methodology, the institution has been offering exceptional career opportunities within and beyond the geographical boundaries. The uMBA programme offers knowledge on the corporate sector across the globe, thus, equipping students with the key knowledge of how the business world works and how one can transform it for a better good. Through this international MBA programme, students are offered world-class exposure along with career stability.

Moreover, through the international paid internship opportunity at New York, aspirants get a golden chance to discover their preferable sectors before placements or job opportunities. After the successful completion of the course, the students can work in diverse managerial levels in a distinct range of sectors, spheres, and positions. Some of the job profiles and positions have been mentioned herewith.

  • Business analyst
  • Forex management
  • Corporate finance
  • Market analyst
  • Investment banking
  • International sales manager
  • International logistic manager
  • International strategic advisor
  • Global finance/ operation manager

MET- A Unique Institution 

MET is a global educational platform with premium learning pathways and opportunities. The institution believes in imparting knowledge through the best resources available and diminishing the geographical boundaries for a global approach towards learning, networking, and future opportunities. Application-based knowledge and a holistic approach towards teaching, the institution has been gaining recognition since time immemorable. Students are made fit for the ever-evolving corporate sector through encouraging sessions, solution-based projects, and challenges among others.

An exceptional pathway to polish the future

MET has been a notable institution holding eminent titles including the Best Education Brand 2019 by The Economic times along with other eminent titles. With global recognition and network links, the institution has always emphasised on bringing the best out of its enrolled students. The institution not only has its base in India but possesses strong links with other continents of the world as well. Moreover, with unique international internship opportunities, students can look beyond the geographical lines to discover further opportunities. The global internship programme at MET features opportunities from countries like USA, UK, Dubai and China.

Apart from the in-campus internship activity, the institution also offers support through excellent national and oversea placement opportunities as a pathway of career stability. With an exceptionally strong network with diverse sectors, institutions, corporate organisation, etc. from across the world, the institution offers a unique experience to the students through a constructive curriculum based on a global prospect. Michigan State University, the global alliance of the institution, is another exceptional institution with recognition from around the world. Moreover, the institution also holds a unique partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, Sprott Shaw College and Pacific Link College, British Columbia and Mountbatten Institute, United Kingdoms. MET also holds another international alliance with NCC Education in the United Kingdom for conducting global programme.

Concluding Note 

MET has gained massive global and national recognition for providing a unique experience through the universal MBA programme. Who would have thought that gaining international exposure was not that difficult task? Well, the programme is ideal for students experimenting with international business sectors and opening doors for tremendous future opportunities. Students can apply at the official website of the institution or can simply click here to apply. The selection is based on the scorecard of MTCET.

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