Steps Every Business School Should Take To Boost the Curriculum

The business world is changeable, and so, conveying education to students isn’t sufficient. Hence, students should be prepared to face the challenging and vibrant business market trends for emerging as successful leaders.

Therefore, the liability lies entirely on the business schools as well as their curriculum for shaping people who are capable of bridging the skill gap besides being conscious of their commercial social liability. 

According to Steve Jobs, innovation does make differences between a leader and a follower. So, a b-school is required to incorporate innovation and research into its curriculum for surviving the constantly-changing corporate game. 

Significance of research and innovation in business education

  • Previously, business schools concentrated on proposing theoretical education only, and learners weren’t prepared enough for managing the challenges that happened in the fast-changing world of business. Though proposing business education is the chief mission of the b-school, this goal is usually complex and multifaceted, and it mirrors the complexities involved with the corporate world. Experiential research, innovation, and learning play essential roles in empowering employers as well as students to bring optimistic alterations for the society and business. 
  • For meeting this vision, business schools are required to prepare not only the inspiring leaders but also pave a path for the innovators and researchers who would get the power to generate knowledge and ideas. Combining and cheering research activities besides experiential learning and theoretical pedagogy will form an appropriate curriculum that will unlock the real worth of business education.
  • However, the question that continues to be unanswered is how a business school will develop the high value meant for employers and students? To answer this query, b-schools will be needed to bring forward many activities, like impart applicable theories, conduct research, and encourage learners to practice.
  • The combination of these activities does add worth to business education. Innovation and research happen to be instrumental in allowing students to become successful. It also ensures the non-stop growth of a nation. Business schools that are popular for their research reputations carry an escalated chance of alluring the finest quality staff. While discussing goodwill and reputation, people can’t forget this fact that innovation and research in various business practices can give rise to some Noble Prize-winning thoughts. Besides studying the subjects that are comprised in the curriculum, today, business schools need management students to bring forward their research too, and it is a vital portion of their syllabus.
  • The study that b-schools carry could be on a present issue that has been posted by an organization or company or on a business matter the students were carrying. At times, students of MBA get an opportunity to become involved in some long-term research projects that their school has been carrying out. 
  • For progressing towards the mission of developing a strong culture of research, b-schools are engaged in conducting training programs. They work with a mission to inspire and kindle students in research, and so, they welcome experts from different multination companies and research laboratories to their campus. 
  • Innovation and research is a superb method to aid students in exploring their hidden worthwhile forming pioneering ideas. Students are encouraged to get involved in projects that research mentors and faulty guide. They also get a chance to endorse their research at different seminars and turn into members of specialized bodies. Due to this, students get a chance to publish their work as well as get research funds from many national funding bodies.

Providing students an edge

Besides gaining improved comprehension regarding the different range of subjects on which they can carry on their research, students also get a sturdy understanding of the social responsibilities and industry-specific business practices.

A few subjects comprise trade war and impact on the growth of the economy’s GDP, AI (artificial intelligence), corporate sustainability, and how does it impact the job market, etc.

Students whose profile boasts of having research publications get added credentials, and they provide them an advantage over their peers. Thus, they can see the light of success while they pursue job opportunities.

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Source – The Deccan Herald.