Banking and finance have always been attractive options for commerce students because banking, insurance, and financial services are among the fastest-growing businesses. The pay is fantastic, the industry is growing, and the experience teaches you a lot about money, yet they are all equally challenging. BIFS degree programs are crucial in this regard.

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For BIFS

  • Faculty that are both competent and experienced: The professors at GIM for BIFS are a dynamic, powerful blend of academic experience and industrial exposure who wear many hats on campus. They use the most up-to-date instructional methods and make effective use of current technology. The majority of them are members of professional organizations and academic advisors.
  • Relationships with industry: All of the numerous partnerships with industry assist students in learning skills that will prepare them for rewarding professions. BIFS offers a diverse range of industry partnerships. Working at a well-established bank or company allows you to take advantage of structured training and development opportunities that have been tried and accurate throughout the company’s long history. At the same time, as your career progresses, you’ll be able to achieve a BFIS professional qualification. It’s no surprise that this industry remains a top draw, given that training and development is one of the fundamental features that people look for in a job.
  • Infrastructure: The necessity for infrastructure excellence for the sector to become sustainable and competitive worldwide. For example, BFIS at GIM has finance labs that offer access to Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg Terminals and the intention to help BFIS students learn more effectively through value-added academic delivery.
  • Excellent Placements: BIFS at GIM takes the initiative to place students in employment they choose. The institution has a well-organized placement team that includes faculty and student coordinators from each department. Every year, numerous firms come for campus recruitment. There are world-class facilities and a business incubation centre on campus, providing students with a leg up on the competition. In addition, the pioneering batch -2020-2022, received 100% placement.
  • Future-Oriented Curriculum: GIM has cooperated with established organizations in all fields of study, including FinTech, cryptocurrency/blockchain, programming languages, to demonstrate its worldwide credentials. These partnerships help broaden BIFS students’ and faculty’s knowledge and abilities. Every day, the global balance of business, finance, and economic shifts, which is why it’s so fast-paced, diverse, and keeps everyone on their toes. Engaging with the adrenaline of deals, the excitement of the trading floor, and the rapid pace of change may make for a highly stimulating career.

Students interested in a career in banking and finance should take these opportunities in addition to their undergraduate degrees. These courses give you a competitive advantage as a professional, give you firsthand experience with industry challenges, and prove beneficial to your job in the long run. The goal of BIFS degree programs is to focus on an individual’s professional growth, the standardization of the banking industry, and the security market. It establishes a code of conduct that makes it simple to learn about and comprehend the securities markets’ operations.

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