Recent years have witnessed a sharp rise in the integration of management with the healthcare industry. Be it any healthcare segment, nursing, hospital administration, pharmaceuticals, research and development, pathology labs, etc., all of them rely on seasoned healthcare management professionals to undertake varied management needs of their organizational setups. Additionally, the increase in digitization and integration of various technological means in the healthcare industry has also led to the demand for technologically adept management professionals in healthcare management.

Goa Institute of Management’s (GIM) PGDM in Healthcare Management adopts a holistic approach to instil all the required skills in the students to have a landmark career in the field. The curriculum is structured in a way that every vertical of Healthcare Management is covered in the same way. The significant domains that GIM’s Healthcare Management program covers are:

  • Hospital Administration and Marketing, Polyclinic Management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Device Production Management
  • Healthcare Financing
  • Public Health Management
  • IT and Healthcare

Aside from the holistic curriculum, a required interface with industry needs is also facilitated through the integrated PGDM in the healthcare management program at GIM. Some of the highlighting features of the program are:

Global Curriculum

GIM’s Healthcare Management curriculum is of international repute. This is to say that it is inspired by the global curriculum followed in Ivy League business schools. These elements are adapted and suited to the Indian healthcare scenario. Under the holistic guidance of experts in the field, this curriculum was developed, with nuanced topics like Healthcare Analytics, Quality Management in Healthcare, Hospital Planning and Design, and Principles of Epidemiology, among many others.

Expertise Faculty

The PGDM in Healthcare Management program is led by experts in academia and industry who guide the successful implementation of the program objectives. Through their comprehensive guidance and constant review of the program & curriculum, they remain updated with the needs of the industry at all times. Through the all-inclusive mentorship of such experts, students form a nuanced understanding of the subject and get a real insight into the industry’s work.

Internships and Placements

It is mandatory for the PGDM in Healthcare Management students to take an 8-10 week long internship at the end of their first year. Students can bridge the gap between academia and industry through these comprehensive internships at the leading healthcare setups. Aside from this, the placements at the campus are also remarkable as some of the top names in the industry visit the campus, like Ernst and Young, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, HLL Lifecare Limited, Medanta Medicity, Fortis Healthcare, Fortis Healthcare, Religare, among many others.

Healthcare Thursday

Healthcare Thursday-Know Your Healthcare Provider is an initiative taken up by GIM to bring the case studies of leading healthcare providers into the GIM classroom. It is a practice that every Thursday, students study the work of private and government hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and various other organizations in the healthcare sector. The students get to know the real-time workings of such setups and understand them holistically. The key functionaries from such healthcare setups also guide the students in their studies.

Give Goa- Health

The Give Goa-Health initiative was undertaken to build a sense of community engagement to make community engagement practical among students. In the last two years, the students at GIM through the Give Goa program have worked for programs like the National Vector Borne Disease Program, Sangath, Setu, Helpage India, and the Voluntary Health Association of Goa, among many others.

Remarkable Infrastructure

The lush green campus is located in nature’s lap in the serene space of Goa. The campus offers the best conducive environment for students to focus on academics as well as extracurriculars alike. The vibrant environment on campus helps students to experiment with every opportunity available in front of them and really push themselves to hone a holistic personality.

A Nuanced Focus on Research

The expert team of experienced faculty at GIM are constantly striving to be ahead in terms of research. With numerous published titles to their name, they are also encouraging students to adopt a perception of research and develop many novel approaches to healthcare management.

These and many more factors make the integrated space of GIM the best choice for the PGDM program in Healthcare Management.

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