Around 50% of working-age women are in the labour force, compared to 75% of men. Despite this, they account for just 37% of mid-level managers, 26% of senior managers, and 5% of CEOs globally. Women’s presence in management roles has steadily increased in recent years. According to a Catalyst study, the proportion of women in senior executive jobs globally increased to 29 per cent in 2020, the highest figure ever recorded. The demand for female leaders has never been greater. According to studies, firms with greater gender diversity in their workforce and senior leaders are much more lucrative than those that do not. Companies are currently seeking suitable and talented MBA candidates for important executive jobs.

Some key findings:

  • Women with their MBA see pay gains of 55-65% of their pre-MBA salary within five years of graduation.
  • Companies with female board directors experience a 53% higher return on equity on average.
  • 85% of MBA graduates attribute their MBA to advancing their careers.

This article highlights one of India’s first business schools designed for women. The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is an unconventional management programme that pushes the world an inch closer to equanimity and work balance. Vedica offers a unique curriculum, stellar faculty, mentorship from women leaders, and an assured placement at the end of the programme. 

About The Programme: 

The Post Graduate Programme in Management Practice and Leadership is an 18-month full-time residential program that focuses on creating prominent leaders through unique pedagogy and enriching learning experiences. The best part about this program is that it is divided into different tracks that deeply emphasise specific aspects. For instance, the management track gives the students abundant opportunities to understand management concepts closely through group presentations, research papers and case studies. Another striking feature of Vedica is that it constantly updates the business curriculum with the help of the Young Managers’ Council. This council consists of professionals from renowned universities such as HEC Paris, Harvard Business School, Yale Business School to name a few. This council suggests changes in the curriculum, thus adding a contemporary view to the syllabus and making the students ready to step into the new world.

What helps the students further achieve their goal is the additional facilities such as the Writing and Communication Centre that plays a vital role for the students to direct their ideas and learn the nitty-gritty of management through an interdisciplinary lens. Finally, the exchange opportunity with Leicester Castle Business School at De Montfort University stands as a lucrative option for students. This will give them the international exposure that they aspire for. 

Key Programme Highlights:​​

  1. Integration with Liberal Arts

With the help of Liberal arts, the students at Vedica Scholars learn to look at the business world through economic, political, and sociological lenses. As a result, they stand out as a manager and leaders. The students can choose from various subjects, including Philosophy, Law, Liberal Arts, and many more. This integration pushes the students to gain a broader purview and improve their decision-making skills by honing their qualitative and quantitative abilities together.

  1. World-Class Faculty

One of the main reasons to join Vedica is its top-notch faculty from leading institutions and organisations like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, McKinsey, Coca-Cola, etc. There are around 150 faculty from world-class institutions, 144 guest speakers from the industry’s leading companies and 200 shadow mentors from corporates across the country.

  1. Focus on Women’s Leadership

Vedica offers discussions with top women professionals to assist you in understanding what it takes to be a woman leader in the 21st Century. The ‘Shadow a Woman Leader’ module is a six-week programme that allows students to learn from a senior female leader. Vedica also partners with Observer Research Foundation that organises the Global Programme for Women Leadership. As a result, more than hundreds of inspiring leaders from Asia and Africa are invited to conduct seminars and field expeditions with students. Vedica’s Anahita Speaker Series strives to engage students with female speakers every month to develop knowledge on various themes.

  1. Assured Placement & Career Support

The placement process, which lasts around four months, is facilitated by a team. The college hosts numerous placement preparation seminars, mock interviews, and individual interactions with industry professionals during these four months. The Vedica Scholars programme has a 100% placement rate, with an average salary of about 9 LPA. Vedica’s highest salary in 2020 was 22L, with a 146 per cent increase in compensation from 2019 to 2020. Over 100+ firms hire students in Consulting, Education, FMCG, IT, BFSI, Healthcare, Social Development, and Marketing. Companies that employ include KPMG, EY, Nestle, Axis, and others.

  1. Become an Effective Communicator

The Writing and Communication Centre plays a unique part in Vedica’s re-imagination of a management programme. Since communication skilling is a prominent facet of preparing for today’s workplace, all Vedica Scholars are trained to excel in it. The Writing and Communication Centre helps each Scholar gain enough communicative competence to confidently navigate the professional space. The Centre’s methods are derived from the newest principles of language-teaching and the interdisciplinary humanities. The facilities of the Centre are open to current Scholars as well as alumnae.

  1. Emphasis on personal growth

Several resources at Vedica encourage the formation of a strong personality with holistic development by emphasising all aspects of personal growth. This Personal Growth Track is built on self-evaluation and character development. It includes class discussions, group learning sessions, and frequent feedback sessions, all of which are extremely important for overall development.

Alumni testimonials: 

“My first job as an Auditor at KPMG was not by choice as I had limited clarity about my interest areas. I researched extensively to identify programmes that were experiential and offered the flexibility to explore different career avenues. The multidisciplinary curriculum, focus on experiential learning, emphasis on writing and communication, and the freedom to discover one’s authentic self made me zero-in on Vedica. Also, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of being part of a global movement towards empowering professional working women!” 

Srishti Grover (Vedica Scholar, Class of 2017) on finding her passion for #consulting during her time at Vedica!

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