PM Modi Launches FIT India School Grading System, Check here for more detail

PM Modi Launches FIT India School Grading System

The government plays a major role in making policies for the whole of the country so that it can function in a more effective manner and contribute to the overall development of its citizens. When government policies are implemented for the above two years, they clearly become the law which must be obeyed by the citizens of India.

One of the plans that have been introduced by the current government has been along the lines of distress of population and health considerations of people. On 29th August 2019 which is celebrated at National Sports Day, Prime minister Narendra Modi had launched the Fit India Movement. The movement was a call to the people of India to engage in sports like cycling and swimming, in order to stay fit and healthy.

With the Fit India Movement gaining a certain momentum that was necessary, the government took to the mass media announcing the incorporation of the Fit India Movement in schools and other educational institutions. In order to do so efficiently, all the schools were asked to affiliate themselves to the Fit India Movement and ensure sufficient physical activity for the students. These affiliated schools are commonly referred to as the Fit India schools.

With the aim of further improving along these lines, Prime minister Narendra Modi, in the month of November 2019 announced the Fit India Schools grading system for determination of “how fit a school is.” The announcement was made by Prime Minister Modi on his highly popular radio show – Mann Ki Baat.

During this show, the Prime Minister revealed that the government had drawn a schedule for the schools to be declared as a fit school. By achieving these rankings, the schools will also be able to use the flags and the Fit India Logo.

As per these regulations, Fit India Schools have been divided into three main categories –

  • Fit schools, which rank the highest.
  • The Fit India Schools (3 stars)
  • The Fit India Schools (5 stars)

The determination of the fitness of the schools will depend on the measures and steps taken by various schools to ensure the fitness of its students and teachers along with an analysis of the basic activities in a school for fitness and exercise. In order to achieve higher rankings, schools must make sure that the physical activity and health of the students are emphasized properly.

Prime minister Modi explained that schools could declare themselves as fit, or achieve a rank, such as three stars and five stars through the online portal of Fit India Movement. By schools enrolling themselves to this initiative, the idea of fitness should become innate in our daily lives. The whole of India should strive to make this movement a mass movement that will spread awareness about the need for fitness.

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