MICAT Syllabus 2022

MICAT 2022 Syllabus

If the candidate has appeared for the CAT exam before applying for the MICAT exam, then it is easy for a candidate to prepare for the MICAT.

Candidate is highly advised to prepare for the descriptive test as it is the only section that requires the utmost preparation. This section is based on essay writing, story writing, and psychometric analysis. If a candidate doesn’t want to struggle in the exam for the book, then the candidate should practice the writing daily. The earlier the planning and the preparation start the better is the result.

It would be extremely wise to go through the detailed syllabus of MICAT as it would correctly advise the candidate to prepare better for the exam. MICAT conducts the review twice a year, so candidate appear either in one part or both the parts.

To know the level of understanding, the candidate may take the quick test to analyse their aptitude level and writing skills through online or may ask for help from someone professional for this test. A candidate may see few below tips for the better preparation: –

  • The part of the exam includes creative writing which is to test the candidate’s creative side and imagination. For this part, the candidate should start writing daily to improve candidate writing and read lots of Newspaper, Magazines, novels, and blogs.
  • It is highly recommendable to practice writing the essay on any topic of candidate choice of about 250 words, and issues can vary from social matters to current affairs. A candidate may choose the topics like Environment is more important than development, Public opinion is vital for policy making, Hard work or smart work, capital punishments for criminals and more like this.
  • Questions in the psychometric test are based on life goals, career goals, situational judgments and more like this to assess candidate strengths & weakness, personality, and moral values. Candidate should be honest and open mind while answering the questions for this. This part is all about candidate’s personality, so there are no wrong answers.
  • It is advised to practice more and more for the logical reasoning through online or the excellent book for the Convergent and Divergent thinking section. The questions for this part are based on visual logic, puzzle, word association, clue or statement-conclusion based.
  • Candidate should make the basic concepts clear for the quantitative ability part as once candidate know the idea, it becomes easy to solve the questions. Candidate should practice 50 to 60 questions daily to make concepts crystal clear.
  • It is better to write notes for the current affairs daily and form the habit of reading the newspaper or online applications for general awareness section. Google provides the intense research for any topic, so candidate may search more about the subject.

Candidates can refer to a few books listed below for preparation for the MICAT Exam: –

  1. How to pass the Psychometric test by Andrea Shavick
  2. Logical reasoning by Arun Sharma
  3. Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma
  4. Quantitative Aptitude by Sarvesh. K. Sharma
  5. Verbal Ability by R. S. Aggarwal
  6. Logical reasoning by R. S. Agarwal
  7. Proficiency in reading comprehension by Arihant