GRE 2022 Registration/Application Process

GRE Exam 2022: Can be attempted any number of times with a gap of 21 days between each attempt with an annual upper bound of 5 times per year.

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GRE 2022 Registration

How to Register for GRE?

Step 1: Create ETS Account

  • Creating an ETS Account is the initial step in registering for the GRE online (if you do not already have one). 
  • Go to to create an ETC account.

You also get access to the following features through your ETS account:

  • Make an appointment to take the GRE.
  •  Register for the GRE®
  •  Search Service, which is completely free.
  •  Place an order for exam preparation materials.
  •  Check out the results.
  •  Order Additional Score Reports View, amend, or cancel your registration 
  • Use the GRE Diagnostic Service for free.

Note: Please double-check your name and birthdate while filling out your information. These must match the information on your government ID, which you will present at the test center. You will not be able to edit this once you have registered.

Step 2: Find Suitable Test Centre and Dates

For ambitious GRE applicants, the ETS provides an online calendar where they can check the availability of dates and seats at various testing centers. The computer-based test is available all year, and you can register online or over the phone.

Follow this website to see if test centers and dates are available.

GRE Test Centre and GRE Dates Availability 

  • You can look at examinations that are available for two months on the ETS website.
  • Please be as exact as possible when giving your location information. Entering “India” as a location is ineffective. Ideally, you should enter the city where you want to write the test from. If there are no seats available in that city, the Test Availability Finder will show you the nearest alternatives.

How to Reschedule GRE Test?

  • You can reschedule your test online.
  • Rescheduling your GRE General Test must be done a minimum of four days before your appointment. Otherwise, your test fee will be forfeited. [Eg: the deadline to reschedule a Saturday appointment at a testing location in the United States is Tuesday.]
  • A fee will be charged for rescheduling your test registration ($50)
  • Appointments cannot be rescheduled beyond 1 year of original appointment date.
  • You will need to provide your appointment confirmation number and the full name used to make an appointment when rescheduling.

Special Handling Requests

Rescheduling fee


Changing your test centre