GRE Cut off 2022

GRE Exam 2022: Can be attempted any number of times with a gap of 21 days between each attempt with an annual upper bound of 5 times per year.

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GRE Cutoff 2022

GRE Cutoff

The Graduate Record Examinations, also known as the GRE, is a standardised test that is required of all students applying to graduate schools in the United States. Education Testing Service owns and administers the GRE exam (ETS). The GRE is designed to assess a candidate’s overall ability by assessing their verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. Algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and language are all covered on the GRE.

The test fees are $205, however individuals who cannot pay them and can demonstrate financial hardship are eligible for financial assistance. Even if a candidate misses one or more questions on a multiple-choice exam, he or she can still get a decent score of 170. Similarly, if no question is successfully answered, the lowest score is 130. While the GRE is a standardised exam, the GRE cut off varies greatly depending on the university a candidate wishes to attend.

The score slabs listed below will assist students in properly setting their score targets as they practise and work hard to get the highest possible GRE results. A high score of 163+ in Verbal, 165+ in Quant, and 5.0+ in AWA, resulting in an overall score of 328+, would qualify them for the top 10% of American institutions.