IIM Indore FAQs

Q. What percentile does a student require to get admission in IIM Indore? 

Ans. The sectional cutoff would be 80% & the overall cutoff would be 90% to get into IIM Indore. However, the actual cutoff for getting admission to IIM Indore is 98% with a good weightage in PI, WAT & GD. 

Q. Is work experience required after clearing the CAT cutoff at IIM Indore? 

Ans. Work experience is not necessary to get into any IIMs including IIM Indore. Students with work experience get benefits at the PI round as the interview will be then based on work-related but it is not mandatory as fresher candidates also get chances into IIMs. 

Q. If a student clears the CAT cutoff but does not have 90% at 12th, can the student get into IIM Indore? 

Ans. If a student clears the CAT cutoff but does not have 90% at 12th then would not be an issue as the students require to have above 80% marks in 12th for getting admission to IIM Indore. 

Q. Does low performance in PI & WAT matter to secure a seat in IIM Indore? 

Ans. Yes, performance in PI & WAT does matter to secure a seat in IIM Indore. Even with a high CAT cutoff, if a student does not perform well in PI, WAT & GD the student can be eliminated from the final selection. 

Q. If a student doesn’t get 90% in CAT then his/ her 10th & 12th will help to get into IIM Indore?

Ans. No, students are required to obtain 90% in CAT but 10th & 12th percentages are also significant to get into IIM Indore. The competition is really tough but a student who scores less in CAT can not get into IIM Indore with the percentages of 10th & 12th as individually students must score 90% in every academic level along with good CAT percentile.

Q. How much GMAT score is required to get into IIM Indore?

Ans. Apart from MBA, IIM Calcutta admission to its flagship EPGP course is granted on the basis of GMAT Score. Previously, candidates who have a GMAT score of 720 and above have successfully made it into IIM Indore.

Q. Is it tough to get into IIM Indore by qualifying CAT Cut off?

Ans. The difficulty level of the exam exceeds even the 12th-grade board exams. Candidates are required to undergo thorough preparation and practice to ace the section asked in CAT exam to get shortlisted for IIM Indore. Questions come from a wide range of topics from the basic level mathematics of 9th-grade to the higher 12th-grade mathematics.

Q. How many candidates applied for Ipmat 2021?

Ans. Now, the funnel has come down at IIM Indore from the total sample space of 15,000+ candidates to around 8,000 candidates who have ended up scoring a net positive score, i.e. greater than 0, in each section. Out of the 8,105 candidates under consideration at this stage, there are 3,075 females and 5,030 males.

Q. What are the factors upon which the final selection at IIM Indore depends?

Ans. During 2021,The CAT Cutoff for admission to PGP was 90 percentile for general category students. In the final shortlist, IIM Calcutta selects candidates for admission on the basis of Previous Academic records, CAT Score and PI Score. 

Q. What is the overall cut off fixed for SC/ST candidates in CAT 2021 to get into IIM Indore?

Ans. In the IIM Indore Admission Criteria 2022-2024 for Post Graduate Programme (PGP), the overall qualifying CAT 2021 cut off percentile is fixed at 90 for General category students, same as last year. For NC-OBC candidates it is 80 and for SC/ST candidates it is 60 and 50 percentile, respectively.