IIM Indore – Indian Institute of Management Campus Facilities

  Indore   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996
  Indore   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996

Campus Facilities


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IIM Indore Campus Facilities:

Located in Prabandh Shikhar, on Rau-Pithampur Road, close to the Pithampur Special Economic Zone, the Indian Institute of Management, Indore occupies an area of over 193 acres provided at the time of its construction in 1996. The IIM Indore campus is famous for its modern architecture amid deep greenery.

IIM Indore Campus Features


The largest area of the IIM Indore campus is occupied by the state of the art ever-expanding academic blocks. Currently, there are 16 academic blocks with classes, administrative bodies and faculty offices in them.


IIM-I has an enormous library complex built up to four floors. The facility is fully automated and is said to have over 2,00,000 documents and books along with nearly 1,00,000 journals. The institute is also subscribed to dozens of newspapers and hundreds of newsletters.


Other than the faculty two housing complexes, IIM-I also has provisions for residential hostel blocks and an executive residential block. The hostels aim to provide all the comforts and amenities of home. They come in a single bedding scheme. Separate provisions are available for students with families. The messes provide healthy and nutritious food 24-7.

Recreation Centre

IIM Indore has a gigantic sports centre for the recreation of its students. The centre has provisions for football, cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball and badminton. The indoor sports complex has a gym and a swimming pool among other features.


The splendidly designed auditorium is the distinct featurette amidst the impressive infrastructure of IIM-I. The building is capable of seating 500 people and plays host to an impressive array of events and seminars, every year.

Club Activities

IIM Indore students are encouraged by the institution to participate in club activities in order to promote unity. There are two categories of clubs present in the institute: Interest Clubs and Activity Clubs.

Life at IIM Indore 

Life at the IIM Indore campus is dynamic, rigorous, and demanding, yet consistently engaging. Students find themselves immersed in a multitude of activities, including classes, assignments, and various committee and club responsibilities. Given that IIMI is a fully residential campus, classes are conducted at various times throughout the day, ranging from midnight to early morning.

The typical day at IIM Indore starts with classes commencing at 8:45 am. Students are expected to arrive promptly and come well-prepared to ensure interactive and enriching sessions. Each class lasts for 75 minutes, with a 15-minute tea break in between. Evenings offer students some free time to engage in enjoyable activities such as sports, strolls around the campus, and exploring the nearby city.

A distinctive aspect of the IIMI campus is the active involvement of students through the Student’s Activities Council (SAC). Students take charge of organizing cultural events, managing a daily needs shop, and running a fast-food joint. This hands-on experience provides them with valuable insights into business operations.

The IIM Indore Hostel comprises distinct blocks for both genders, offering individual accommodations. Each room is equipped with teak cots, mattresses, a computer table, chairs, closets, and shelves. LAN connections are available in all rooms, ensuring connectivity. Cleaning routines are maintained on a daily basis for rooms, corridors, and restrooms.