Indian Institute of Management, (IIM) Indore Placements

  Indore   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996
  Indore   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996


IIM Indore Placements:

The placement process practised by IIM Indore is a student-oriented process that aims to ensure placements for the whole batch. The Student Placement Committee is elected by the student body and they act as liaisons between the administration, students and recruiters. The placement process consists of two phases – summer placements for the first-years and final placements for the final year students.

The placement for the graduating batch is done at two levels. The first step sees the lateral students process where and when firms interview students with prior work experience for mid-level and executive managerial positions. The ultimate step sees companies from a variety of sectors hire candidates.

IIM Indore Placement Highlights

  • The placement season starts when the students reach their seventh term.
  • The process is supposed to be one-week long. The final offers are made or decided during the bounds of the placement week.
  • The industry-specific programmes which cater to practising professionals have a rolling process in place to suit their needs and schedule.
  • Sponsored students are not eligible for placements.
  • Students on sabbaticals or study leaves from their employers are only eligible for placements if they can produce a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employers.

IIM Indore Placement trends of Batch 2017-2019

No. of Companies Total No. of students No. of students placed Highest salary (In INR) Average salary (In INR) Median Salary (IN INR)
200+ 607 607 89.25 Lakhs – (International)

40.50 Lakhs – (Domestic)

20.79 Lakhs 19.40 Lakhs

IIM Indore Placement Trends Percentage Breakdown According to Sector

Sector Percentage of Offers
Finance 26%
Consultancy 27%
General Management 15%
S & M 22%

IIM Indore 3 Years Placement Trends

Year Average salary (In INR) Highest salary (Domestic)


Highest Salary (International)


2019 20.79 Lakhs 40.50 Lakhs 89.25 Lakhs
2018 18.17 Lakhs 33.04 Lakhs 63.45 Lakhs
2017 16.23 Lakhs 37 Lakhs 39 Lakhs


Year Companies Visited Highest Package Average Package
2018 63.50 LPA 18.20 LPA
2017 39 LPA 16.23 LPA
2016 36 LPA 13.56 LPA