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  Kolkata   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1961


IIM Calcutta Scholarships 2023

IIM Calcutta offers many scholarship opportunities to deserving and meritorious students. A number of companies like Aditya Birla Group, OP Jindal Engineering & Management and Ratan Tata Trust sponsor the scholarships. The candidates  of IIM Calcutta need to fulfill the criteria as decided by the sponsors.

The Government of India also provides scholarships to the SC/ST students of based on their performance. NTPC also offers merit based scholarships to deserving SC/ST students with disabilities based on their MBA Term 1 result.

Different scholarships are available for students of First Year and Second Year of PGDM programme and students with various disabilities and they are mentioned below:

Scholarships for First Year PGDM Students

The following scholarship options can be availed by the candidates to get financial assistance by IIM Calcutta-

  • B.P. Poddar Scholarship
  • India Carbon Scholarship
  • T. T. Krishnamachari Award
  • BPL Prize
  • Damodar Valley Corporation Award For Creditable Performance
  • Central Bank of India Prize For Best Performance In Finance Course
  • Aditya Kashyap Memorial Scholarship (for 1st rank holder)
  • P. R. Karthik Scholarship

Scholarships for Second Year PGDM Students

The following scholarship schemes are sponsored by the IIM Calcutta-

  • Dr. B. C. Roy Memorial Gold & Silver Medals
  • Chairman’s Prize
  • John Wynne Prize

The following scholarship schemes are sponsored by outside Organisations-

  • ABC India Award
  • Balmer Lawrie Award
  • Calcutta Management Association Trophy
  • Calcutta Port Trust India Award
  • B. S. Dua Memorial Prize for 2nd Rank holder
  • Magunta Subbarami Reddy Award
  • TIL Scholarship
  • IIMC Alumni Association, Calcutta Chapter Prize
  • IIMC Alumni Association, Calcutta Chapter Award for outstanding Academic Performance in PGDM by
  • Taylor & Francis Book Prize
  • Bengal Chamber of commerce Medal in the area of Human Resource Management
  • Late Sumantra Ghoshal Award for Academic Excellence for receiving highest CGPA at the end of the two-year Post Graduate Programme
  • Aditya Kashyap Memorial Scholarship for receiving highest CGPA

IIM Calcutta offers special scholarship schemes for the students with disabilities. Various financial assistance options can be availed by the prospective candidates. Loans are also available at concessional rates for the needy and deserving students. The amount of loan and repayment period depends upon the nature of the project and the repayment capacity of the candidate. IIM Calcutta believes in providing quality education to everybody. It aims to remove all financial barriers between students and the institution. Hence, it leaves no stone unturned to help the needy students with all that it could.