XLRI Jamshedpur is guiding the XAT 2019 on January 06, 2019. Along with the notification of XAT for the batch 2019-21, there is a change in the XAT Exam Pattern 2019. One of the major changes that amazed the students was that there will be no Essay Writing session in the exam from this year onwards, which has also contributed to a change in the total duration of the exam. The XAT 2019 shall be conducted in 180 minutes instead of 205 minutes. Another change is the introduction of new Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions are most likely to be seen in XAT exam pattern. There is also a modification in the marking scheme for the exam this year. There is no special order for the negative marking for NAT questions. Hence, NAT questions may or may not appear in the exam this year.

New pattern for 2019 XAT exam:

  • Time limit for GK section – 15 Minutes
  • Number of total questions – 74+25
  • Negative Marking for unattempt questions – 0.10
  • Minimum number of Unattempt questions without penalty – 08
  • It is expected Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions to be there in XAT 2019.

Till the previous year, there were an absence of Non-MCQ questions in the exam. In the mock-test released by XLRI, instructions were given for TITA (Type in the Answer) questions. The elimination of XAT 2019 Essay Writing has brought mixed reactions from the students. The curious remains: why this section has been removed by the exam conducting body? Here are few possible reasons that could have led to the change in the exam pattern.

  • Writing an essay online– past year, this section was also to be attempted in online which means candidates had to type into the computer only. But this created a hassle for students who weren’t having typing speed.
  • Preparation for writing the essay– up until December or January, candidates are preparing for aptitude only. So, candidates who are seeking admission in XLRI had to prepare for this section separately.
  • Selection Process changes – XLRI might take Written Ability Test with the GDPI round this year. There may also not be an essay section at all.

Positives Effects from the Removal of Essay Writing Section:

The elimination of essay writing unit has brought happiness to many students. It is like a sigh of relief to some candidates who must prepare for this section to get admission in XLRI.

  • Focus Area changes – Candidates seeking admission in XLRI will not have to prepare for this section from now on, instead they can put their focus on the aptitude part to crack the exam.
  • Essay Preparation – ­ previously, most of the candidates didn’t take this section seriously and hence there is a dip in the performance. Now, they can practice for other sections more vigorously.
  • Equality in Exam Pattern – Now, the exam pattern has been in uniformity with other exams. The aptitude can be prepped while practicing for CAT and GK while practicing SNAP/ MAT.

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Negative Impacts from the demolish of Essay Writing Section:

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, the removal of essay writing has got some bad sides.

They are as follows:

  • No Distinguishing Factor – From now on, there will be no distinguishing factors in this exam. Writing an article in burden and that also within least possible time is not a piece of cake for everyone.
  • Preparing for Essay begun – Candidates who have already started their preparing for this section shall now find their preparations useless.
  • Timings – with no extra time, candidates had to attempt GK and essay within 35 minutes and GK sections must be finished with other sections.

Besides the essay writing, there have been other changes introduced in XAT 2019. With the change from exam pattern to the number of test centers, all the changes have been mentioned below.

  • Increase in Registration Fee – There has been a hike in registration fee from Rs 50/-. The fee for XAT exam registration is Rs 1700/- with an extra fee of Rs 300/- for each XLRI course.
  • Reduction in Test Centers – Agartala, Dubai, and Kathmandu has been cancelled from this list.
  • Duration of the Exam – the exam will take place in 180 minutes in place of 305 minutes.

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