No matter how impressive your CV, some very basic errors could
change the outcome for you in a job interview. Woxsen’s Career advisory team
gives you a list of the most common errors to avoid while you are preparing or
are out there for an interview.

1. Improper or half-done research.

Do remember to do
your background check when it comes to the company you are going to for an
interview. Visit their website, check their details online and you probably
would end up having smarter answers when asked about reasons for wanting to
join it.

2. Authenticity of facts in your CV

Anything written on
your CV will be discussed in the interview and a fabrication of experience, job
profile and education will ruin your credibility and also the chances of your
landing the job.

      Being a late comer

Turning up late for
an interview will not help your case. Turning up at least 15 min early will
help you compose yourself and collect your thoughts for the interview.

4.       Inappropriate

Remember – your dressing reveals a lot
about you as a person. Don’t give the recruiter a chance to believe that you
lack order, discipline and a basic dressing sense. Being formally turned
out is always a safe option.

5.       Poor body language

Make eye contact, sit in a confident
posture, have a cheerful demeanor and meet the person(s) on the panel with a
firm handshake. This will make you noticed for the right reasons.

6.        Unclear or ambiguous answers

Take time to think before you answer. This
will help you give clear and unambiguous answers.

7. Making negative remarks about your present

Never ever complain,
or say bad things about your current employer, manager, colleagues, job.
Badmouthing is not going to do you any good.

8. Use of clichés

I am a team player,
a confident professional, a hard worker, a dedicated employee, a problem-solver,
a perfectionist – these are all clichés and those who have been in the cabin
before you have probably used the same set of phrases – use these phrases

9. Discussing money or time off

Wait for the
recruiter to initiate talk about salary and other perks. Be patient.

10.  Inappropriate language

This needs no explanation. No one
would appreciate usage of foul or inappropriate language/words.

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