to pursue an MBA is an important step in your career. Even before you secure
admission into an MBA program, it is vital that you think about the direction
you want your career to take after you finish your MBA.

Step-1 – Before starting your MBA,
objectively assess your current skills, expertise and personal qualities. Ask
yourself where you want to be in three, five, ten years after the MBA. Identify
the gaps in your skills and the barriers to your achieving your career goals.

Step-2 – Once you have defined your
goals, work with the careers advisory team of your school to achieve them in
the near, medium and long term. Ensure that you attend all the guest lectures,
panel discussions and networking events organized at the school. Use them as an
opportunity to create an personal network and also gain industry insights.

Step-3 – While you settle down into
your academic routine and work on your core managerial skills, also find a
mentor or role model. The school could also help you here. Use your mentor as a
sounding board in refining your career planning.

Step-4 – Connect with the alumni of the
school. Alumni will help gain unique insights into the common mistakes to watch
out for and how to time your career moves. Learning from people who have been
down a similar path will help you save a lot of time and effort.

Step- 5 – Network, network, network.
Use social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc to enlarge your social
media footprint. However, be mindful that your interactions on these platforms
need to be professional and convey a sense of purpose and direction.

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