Best Courses to Advance Your Career Post-COVID-19 Lockdown

To contain the spread and prevent transmission, the lockdown was highly essential and a crucial step to protect our society. However, at the same time, the sudden unplanned dysfunction of the markets worldwide has led to some adverse economic consequences.

A significant number of people have been let go; recently graduated students are having a tough time looking for new opportunities; and the majority of the working population is adjusting to the life of work-from-home.

Consequently, people around the globe have started to find ways to cope with the arising issues, improving their resumes and gaining more skills during their time at home. The lockdown has seen a substantial increase in the number of people learning new skills or improve their existing skills through the plethora of courses that are available online.

“Online courses” has been one of the most popularly searched terminologies in the past few months in India, according to Google. Evidently, learning new things and improving the skillset that one already has is always a good approach to spend the free time that one has; however, it is pertinent that we know the courses that yield the best return-on-investment.

It is always a good idea to pick courses that resonate with your profile as well as life goals. This article discusses the best courses that an MBA grad or aspirant can opt for to enhance widen or improve their skillset and stand out among the large group people.

Data Analytics: Data analytics has been a deterministic skillset for many jobs in the past few years. Data analytics, as the name suggests, is the analysis of the available data, which can help draw suitable inferences regarding the given field. Numerous techniques and data analytics processes can be performed using algorithms and other means.

These techniques can help understand and predict trends, which are not apparent to human perception or through short-term data. By understanding the trends, the relevant people in any field can make the right decisions. IMB, Coursera, EdX, and Udacity are some of the platforms that provide the best certificate courses in data analytics.

Behavioral Investing: Behavioral investing is a relatively less known field. The subject takes psychology into account when studying and making investment decisions. Investors may be unaware of various factors that are consciously and unconsciously involved in making investment decisions, such as personal biases and other emotional factors.

To overcome such shortcomings, we can design an investment process, which can reduce these partialities by understanding behavioral decision-making processes. Coursera and Open Yale Courses offer some of the best online programs in behavioral investing.

People Analytics: People analytics can be an extremely beneficial course for managers, particularly Human Resource Managers. Gone are the times when people were expected to make decisions based on intuition and instinct. Today, we thrive on real-time data and hard-core analytics.

This course can help managers, human resource professionals, and recruiters to gain an understanding of the people working in their companies. It can help them design the best development programs for their employees, unlock their potential, and enhance productivity. The program is on par with an HR Analytics program.

Digital Marketing: In the current, modern, digital world, everything seems to run on digital marketing. Those Instagram ads and pop-up ads on most websites may seem annoying sometimes, but they sure are effective. However, that’s not all there is to digital marketing. Digital marketing is a comprehensive subject that involves many aspects of marketing, such as having the right graphics and content to portray an appealing yet truthful image of a product or service.

With the rise of digital and social media, digital marketing is a field that is gaining continuing popularity among professionals. LinkedIn and upGrad have excellent online courses in digital marketing.

Design Thinking: Design thinking is a field focused on the design aspects of products and services. Courses in design thinking will enable learners to understand the cognitive and strategic processes that will help in developing products.

It provides learners with a deep understanding of the consumer interests and knowledge on generating the best products that cater to their needs. Many globally renowned universities, including MIT and Stanford, offer excellent online courses in Design Thinking.

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