So You Work in the IT Industry, Could You tell Me about SMAC?

My MDI Interview experience :

WAT & GD Topic: Freedom of Expression doesn’t mean that one can make Insensitive Remarks.

Decent GD spoke about 5 times,

GD became chaotic at the end when the panelist told us to summarize.

I proposed that we could speak in turns so that Everyone can listen to each other

and we did the same

PI : Panel 2

2 panelist both females playing good cop , bad cop game i.e one acts sweetly while the other one was hell bent on breaking your confidence.

P1: Rate Your GD Performance:

Me Told

P1 : so you work in IT Industry could you tell me about SMAC ?

Me : Ma’m SMAC is the latest focus of this Industry..blah blah started explaining what exactly happens in each individual technology

P1 (Cuts in between my technical Lecture :P) Ok. You don’t need to describe it in detail. Tell me what happens to the traditional Data Warehouse mechanisms when they will switch to Cloud?

Me: told how only Processing and Data storage will be done on the cloud and UI will not get affected much ..blah blah!!

P1: OK, Suppose You have to Convince an Organization to switch to Cloud what all measures will you take.

Me: told (that we need to first settle on architecture that must be implemented, consultants and developers should have thorough knowledge of Industry and its Data Points Blah Blah)

P1: What will you do in Terms of Skill Set of The developer.

Me : Will Train existing Resources for new technologies, new recruits must be experienced on this Technology.

P1: What is Web 2.0

Me : (Told )

P1 to P2 :– Aap Pooch lijiye  mera ho gaya ?

P2: What makes a good Leader?

Me: A good Leader is one Who understand His/Her People and His/Her Business and expectations from him

P2: give an Example

Me : Long Discussion on U.S Election on How Donald Trump Doesn’t understand the liberal spirit of He is winning in the bible belt but will fail once the More Liberal states pitch in.

P2 : Do you really Think Donald Trump is not able to connect with American ppl?

Me: Told How only a few Conservative Votes will fall in his Lap, the trend in American elections Recently move towards more Liberal Practices

P2: How do you think Hillary is Performing?

Me: Told How she is able to connect with Black and Minority votes which is what Bernie Sanders is lagging .at one point of Time addressed Hillary as “He”.(Since I was comparing Bernie Mentally all this confused ) They Pointed it out ..then i apologized.. they smiled and I continued

P2: Do you Think Leader should be a good Listener?

Me : Yes Ma’m I do Believe that

P2: So why weren’t you trying to Listen to others during GD.?

Me: Ma’m I was listening to others, I can summarize all the points discussed in GD if you want.

P2: Then Why were you Cutting others

Me: (thinking : WTF I didn’t cut any1 we both started speaking at the same time..and the other person just stopped in Between) Ma’m I wasn’t cutting any1 i only spoke when the discussed Ideas became repetitive.

P2: No I am not blaming you for anything.

MeMa’m i only spoke when i had something new to say and i thought that we were losing the direction of GD

P2: OK, Leave it, what profile you want Post MBA

Me : Would Like to go in Consultant or Ops Profile (don’t know why I said OPS ,never wanted to opt for OPS :P)

P2: Do You know anything about Supply Chain Management?

Me: Ma’m can’t  claim to have deep knowledge about it but have a basic idea

told the basic Definition of SCM:P

P2 : Are you reading something on the same.

Me: Ma’m right now i am just collecting Information through Web Surfing Since don’t have enough Idea about Good Books for the same.

P1 & P2: Ok you can go Now.

(While i was leaving) Tell us what other calls you have and percentile ?

Me: Told , Thanked them and left ?

Whole Interview was very short Hardly 10 Mins , I have no Idea about my Performance , they kept a poker face throughout the Interview.