How Ready are you for the Second Half of your Career Post the COVID-19 Impact?

The second phase of career is defined by how well one can modify their skill sets and knowledge as per the latest requirement of the world. However, there has been a misconception that success is measured in the first half of the career.

Eliminating this myth, we always believe that the initial years of career do not portray the true nature of the knowledge acquired by a person throughout the learning years.

The initial years of the career are therefore the trial period which prepares an individual to face future challenges with zeal and utmost capabilities.

However, one may always wonder about the essential skills required to ensure success or career stability.

A young professional may perform diverse roles; however, the key task is to get the job done. But isn’t that expected from every individual working in different spheres? The tactic is how effectively a person can get the job done utilising their skill sets.

During the early stages of a career, aspirants get adapted to the mast-moving lifestyle and fail to acquire new skills. A healthy mindset, along with determination, can accelerate the success rate without risking the individual competency of the person.

For individuals looking forward to reformation in their second career stage, the following list provides an insightful view of certain behavioural aspects of a person. These behavioural changes can provide a great boost to the second phase of their career.

  • Look beyond the mantra of Optimism

People often consider being as positive as the key to success. However, there is more to the story. Optimism can be challenging since it majorly the depends on the environment surrounding a person.

For instance, being optimistic during a health crisis one like COVID-19 can bring innumerable hurdles and is not an easy task. Therefore, being self-motivated can bring essential changes in the perspective of the person.

Professionals must learn to look beyond the given challenges and adjust their focus accordingly. Training the mind for coming up challenges and looking beyond the hurdles of life can be the key to success.

Experimenting within the limited options and creating or originality better pathways can bring a positive change in the outlook of a person. Without possessing a risk factor, a person may feel engulfed with assumptions and doubts. However, experimenting and trying out different options can put an end to doubts or assumptions. 

  • Approach and Initiative 

Being a leader even when work is not assigned may make a person fit for facing future challenges and complications. Being outspoken about ideologies and coming up with own initiatives or approaches may increase a person’s success rate.

Young professionals should always look for unapproached ventures and the pathway to get a glimpse of diverse possibilities and perspectives. Making active participation in the area of interest and modifying personal work policies may bring positive results.

Moreover, taking a calculated risk and experimenting may also eliminate doubts and assumptions. For instance, one of the young professionals at Unilever took the lead of managing a road construct

ion project in one of the rural areas of India.

This challenging venture was not thought about by any of the other employees. Thus, making him stand out from the rest.   

  • Good listening skills

The art of listening is an under-rated skill essential for bringing the best out of a person. Good listening skills are difficult to grab in a world full of opinions and perspectives.

People often wish to hear but fail to listen to other most of the times and therefore, the skill is missing in most of the people.

Individuals are in a race of putting out an opinion and fail to listen to some of the great minds around. Listening to others may open to the pathway of creative ideas and brainstorming.

Understanding a person’s articulation, thinking pattern, perspective, and opinion can be a better option than bombarding the discussion with counterparts.

Several pieces of research indicate that most people bad listeners and always believe in speaking out without analysing what the other person has said. 

  • Avoid emotional imbalance

Drawing a thick line between emotional quotient and work sphere have always prevented a person from facing unnecessary complications and challenges.

A person must be emotionally aware of the surrounding and the people around him and therefore, must possess the ability to harness emotions.

Managing emotions and utilising emotional intelligence skills during problem-solving tasks can turn out to be fruitful in the long run.

Emotional intelligence is vital for bring the best out of ourselves, and makes the person bring the best opinions and perspective on the table.

Moreover, emotional intelligence is an important parameter while calculating performance. Toxic workforces can be tackled by correct emotional choices and decisions.   

  • Healthy mind healthy Body

Maintaining a healthy physical body will, in turn, make the mind eliminate major toxic thoughts. Physical fitness and quality sleep are two major aspects of developing a healthy body and a toxic-free mind.

Indulging in favourite exercise or physical activities often puts a break on the complex and toxic work live. Moreover, eating healthy and switching to organic or natural food items can be a great option too.

Amidst the hustle of fast-moving lives, people often stop paying attention to their body and mind needs. Meditating in the morning or going for an evening walk, may help an individual stay in the correct state of mind.

These qualities greatly affect the decision-making ability of a person on the work front. Therefore, the needs and requirements of the healthy mind and body must be taken care of.

The above-mentioned factors can assist a person in developing future skills and capabilities. The second phase of the career requires great capabilities, critical thinking abilities and much more.

Therefore, training the mind, body and personality can help an individual bring the best to the table. For achieving great heights, the zeal to learn should never die. 

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