8 Perks of Pursuing a Career in Sports Management Ft. IISM

Possessing stakes of more than several billion dollars, globally, the sports management industry is always thriving with opportunities. Aside from offering a perfect career base, this industry also offers a gateway to students to get an insight into the best kind of life possible. The surge of regional games in the national setup has also diversified the arena of sports management. With the emergence of the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, and Indian Badminton League, the element of fun and the idea of sports for entertainment becomes important. Added to this is the constant indulgence in the Olympics and the rising of numerous sportspersons from a different realm of sports.

These among many more reasons allow students to pursue a vibrant career in sports management. The pros of carving a career in sports management? Well, here are not one but 8 reasons to carve a career in sports management:

  • A Stellar Career Opportunity

There are never-ending opportunities in the realm of sports. Even during the global pandemic, these opportunities did not cease to exist. An individual planning to pursue a career in sports management have a multitude of opportunities like merchandising support, sports analytics, sports governance, sales, marketing, and operations, among various other realms. Aside from this, what makes this field way more interesting is that it has global outreach, so you can be in any part of the world and still get work in the industry.  


  • Constantly Evolving Growth Curve

The growth curve of the industry is constantly evolving. Thus, the aspect of job satisfaction would always be present while working in this industry. One thing that a global audience thrives on, is the shared fanaticism of sports, and this is present from times immemorial. To satiate the thirst of the audience, the sports industry is always on the path of growth.


  • Forging Relations with Star sports figures

Another cherry on the top of a very well frosted cake is that individuals in the sports management industry can forge relations with the star sports figures and get to know their success mantra in a much better way. There is no other feat as amazing as this, cause one can get an unfiltered story of inspiration, struggle, and motivation.


  • Never Ending Fun Side

The fun side of this career weighs higher on the scale, as the career in sports management never entails a boring line-up of meetings. Be it the thrill of organizing the PR and media-related events, pre-promotional and marketing-related events, or even the after-parties, the hustle is not your usual corporate hustle, but rather a hustle that you would essentially enjoy and live for.


  • Boosting Creativity at Every Step

One thing that the field of sports management would implore every professional of field and at every step is to always imply the creative faculties during every project. Be it through merchandising, marketing, and event management, the value of ever-evolving creativity is highly valued in this field.


  • Effective Decision Making

Applying one’s critical thinking hat in terms of crisis is another factor that makes the field of sports management extremely intriguing. For example, in the times of the global pandemic, it was the effective decision-making of carrying out games in a safe and socially distant manner, that helped the industry thrive. This shows the quick and efficient way in which operations and logistics happen behind the organization of these sports.


  • Imbibing the true spirit of sports

Aside from the fact that there are multiple opportunities to grow professionally, a career in sports teaches one the very essence of living life with much-required skills. Such skills can be that of team spirit, discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship. These skills help one enhance their outlook towards life and thereby hone their personality in a nuanced way.


  • Donning Multiple Hats

In the field of sports management, individuals are expected to not stick to one specified job role, rather experiment with multiple domains. You would be expected to focus on maximizing sales of an event and at the same time to organize the post-win event. You would be expected to maintain a healthy PR and also take care of the basic necessities of the team. It is definitely a non-restrictive role.


To embark on this eventful journey in the arena of sports management one can pursue a professional degree in the said field. The International Institute of Sports Management offers the best program to excel in the field of sports management. The institute offers leading opportunities for students to excel in the field. IISM is also conferred with the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar for excellence in spreading education of sports management. IISM has also provided exemplary placement opportunities to its students. Most of the alumni find their base in leading organizations like Star Sports, Rajasthan Royals, Sports Authority of India, Aditya Birla Sports, among many other organizations.

You can find more information about the programmes here.

One can pursue any of these comprehensive courses offered by IISM:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management

Offered in collaboration with Mumbai University & GICED, the course makes the students adept in coaching and management. The management aspect helps one to get a stronghold of topics like finance, management, promotion, legal procedure, etc. The coaching part of the curriculum helps one to get an understanding of the practical sphere of the field like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, etc.

This being a 3-year full-time program, offers manifold opportunities to students like internship and placement opportunities, research and project development, and strong mentorship from faculty.

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management

A two-year full-time program, that is offered in association with Mumbai University & GICED helps one to get an advanced understanding of the field of sports management. The curriculum is designed in a way that it offers an environment to the student to solve modern-day problems in the sphere of sports. The program helps one hone the strategic skills like marketing, promotion, governance, and management of the sports industry.

  • PGP Sports Event Management

The demand for sports event management never goes out of style. This is an 11-month autonomous program offered by IISM. Aside from providing holistic support in terms of placement and internship, the holistic ecosystem also helps one to adopt research and practical approach towards the field of event management. One can get insight into sub-fields like logistics, planning, budgeting planning, etc.


Admissions are open for the above mentioned programmes. You can find all the information about IISM and their programmes here. Have any queries regarding IISM? Click here to get answers from IISM Officials within minutes.