About ABBS School of Management, Bangalore

ABBS School of Management is an autonomous Business School, established in 2009. Their PGDM program is one of the top-ranking programmes in India and is internationally accredited by IACBE, USA. This 2-year program (full-time) is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)

With a startling placement drive, scholarships, liberal education and a comprehensive profile building, ABBA focusses in making students industry ready.

Courses Offered at ABBS SM, Bangalore

ABBS School of Management offers the following programs:

  • PGDM
  • PGDM Global (With a Certification in Business Analytics and AI from Virginia Tech University, USA.
  • PGDM BIFAS – A Job guarantee program with a Certification in Investment Baking from CISI, UK.

These programs provide real-time learning in conjunction with practical experience and peer learning and produce business executives who are competitive in all aspects that a firm desires in its managers. The countdown to a successful career begins the moment a student accepts at ABBS – SM. With a goal to invigorate, improve, and refine students’ leadership and management skills while developing a multi-tasker for the world’s best firms, ABBS-SM provides students exclusive access to the best Global Management expertise, corporate internships, and placements in the world’s finest organizations.

It also offers Value Added Courses and Certifications in a wide number of subject matters. Leading organizations throughout the world are looking for applicants that can help them take their business to the next level, and in exchange, the organization looks after the candidate’s career development. At ABBS-SM, a leading B School in Bangalore, they recognize that developing such a professional; necessitates going outside his/her field of study and learning end-to-end concepts about industries, a comprehensive awareness of organizational operations, and the ability to multitask.

These programs develops business skills through a combination of full-time and specialized learning experiences, as well as practical knowledge, allowing students to maximize their knowledge and return on investment.

The various PGDM courses at ABBS are all well-structured with a comprehensive curriculum and a holistic growth that provides a conducive environment for students to learn, grow, lead and become future leaders.

Why should you choose ABBS School of Management?

With a number of projects designed to ensure that the best is provided to the students at ABBS, there is a comprehensive design that stands ABBS out from other B School.

  • Campus to Community Project: The Campus to Community projects help students develop socially responsible behavior by fostering sensitivity to the community’s most pressing problems. It aids in their development as future corporate citizens committed to ethics. Students are encouraged to do research relating to their functional areas across numerous industries and businesses through the required, credit-bearing research course. Participants in the Campus to Community program have remarkable learning opportunities by interacting with and learning from local leaders and groups that are driving social change.
  • Capstone Project: The capstone project’s goal is to integrate academic knowledge with professional development and provide intellectual content. The Capstone Project is an autonomous research project that is led by students and addresses a subject or a problem that is thought to be important by a certain organization. In accordance with the objectives of the chosen organization, the capstone project will concentrate on a desk study, and it must create worthwhile research for the organization. Students are expected to use their knowledge of policy analysis to meet the practical requirements of the organization they have chosen by working on a capstone project.
  • Internationalisation Of Education: Internationalization is the process by which all the stakeholders contribute to the world while also being shaped by it, and at the ABBS School of Management, it entails teaching students how to approach their own cultures and traditions while also being attentive to new ones. Students and professors have experienced “Self Transformation” as a result, which has allowed them to view the world from different perspectives. Postgraduates with a global perspective and cross-cultural sensitivity have been generated as a result of MoUs, student and teacher exchanges, and lectures given by international professors.
  • 5 Months Industry Internship Program: Internships and industrial training programs let students put their acquired academic knowledge into application in the workplace. Students will thereby be aware of the needs of business in order to secure employment in today’s difficult environment. The industry internship program prepares students for careers in business by giving them practical experience in the field while being supervised by teachers and industry mentors.

ABBS SM stands apart from other B-Schools in a number of ways. Being the motto – ‘Aspire, Accelerate and Achieve’ ABBS helps students focus on the journey rather than being fixated on the destination.  ABBS is a strategic source to fulfill your dream and aligning your career goals with industry reality. 

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