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FORE School of Management is a leading management education, research, training, and consulting institute, founded in 1981 in New Delhi, it has earned the industry’s confidence by providing well-trained, informed, and competent personnel to handle the difficulties of modern business.

FORE School of Management is ideal for you since it provides every tool/strategy young professionals require to reach their full potential. FORE is committed to advanced management training, research, consulting, and teaching. It is a non-profit organisation that has collaborated with academics and businesses to expand the scope of management learning and education for students.

FORE provides various programmes, including PGDM, PGDM(International Business), PGDM(Financial Management) & PGDM(Big Data Analytics) It ensures that students get excellent exposure through various guest sessions industry visits, IIP(International Immersion Program) & SEP (Student exchange Program). This allows them to learn about cultural diversity and obtain corporate experience.

FORE School of Management ranked 19th in the country by NIRF in 2022 based on graduation Outcomes (GO) scores. The institute stands tall as one of the top b-school choices among students!

Have you ever wondered what factors one must consider when making the most significant career decision? What elements make a b-school the best fit for your professional need?

Let’s unravel all the top factors that affect our b-school selection choices and what makes FORE the best option for you.

Top 10 Reasons Why FORE School of Management Is A Good Option For You

1. In-action Curriculum

The curriculum of FORE School of Management is designed to completely develop students to face the corporate world in the global business environment. The programme covers a variety of relevant topics, events, case studies, and presentations to help students build their overall personalities. The practical application of the knowledge earned helps them to gain the required skills and confidence to work in the corporate world. It ensures that the students get complete exposure to make them confident enough to grab all the opportunities in their future.

2. High-Quality Institutional Support for Learning

FORE School of Management has been providing quality education since its inception. In-depth learning and training, scheduled structure, and experienced faculty ensure that student gets the best learning. An increase in the FORE’s average and media placement numbers is a clear testimony of the quality of education the institute provides.

3. Academic & Industry Experienced Faculty

The background and the exposure of faculty is what make or break the future of a student. At FORE, the faculty is quite experienced and have expertise in their respective subjects. They put in their best efforts and gained experience to provide practical and application bases learning to the students.

At FORE, more than 90% of the faculty has obtained a doctoral degree in their respective subject area from the various institutions of repute, which they use to provide practical and application bases learning to the students. Also, most of the faculty members have corporate experience through that experience they ensure to impart into their teachings and give them real-life learning.

4. Corporate and Global Exposure through Guest and Corporate Lectures

Industry interaction is a major part of learning at FORE. The institute invites various global and corporate leaders for multiple student sessions. These interactions help the students learn first-hand information about situations they will handle in the corporate world.

5. Excellent Infrastructure

Along with providing quality education to students, FORE also provides excellent infrastructure. All the classrooms on the premises are well equipped with audio and visual facilities and are completely air-conditioned. Not only this, the institute provides multiple other facilities, including an auditorium, sports, library, language lab and computer centres. These facilities would give a solid foundation for the students as they can learn conveniently and comfortably.

6. Strong Alumni Network 

Among the ‘FORE Achiever Alumni Network’ of 7000+ strong alumni, 200+ are CXOs, 1200+ are in senior positions with 700+ alumni working across the globe. Over time, around 20% of FSM alums have transitioned into international roles, which is a testament to the abilities gained during B-school education. Among the countries with substantial numbers, USA has 333 FSM alumni, Canada 114, UAE 110, UK 100, Singapore 84, and Australia 74.

7. International Immersion Programme

FORE also provides an opportunity for all the students of the Institute to have global exposure with an International Immersion Programme. This gives the students an opportunity to learn global business practices and procedures from the faculty of their premier international institutions. Through this opportunity, the institute sends the first years students to attend a week-long course on various relevant subjects at any of the Institute’s international partner institutions. This programme gives students an excellent opportunity to see and understand things from a global business perspective and gain international exposure.

8. Engaging & Enriching Campus Life

There are other methods to acquire knowledge than studying. For students at FORE, there’s much more to life than academics. The students’ council have more than 20 student-driven clubs, committees, special interest groups and centres of excellence.

At various points throughout the course, students are given chances to grow as individuals. Anubhuti, Genesis, TEDx, and Jubilate are just a few of the student-run events that are put on by students for students. These kinds of activities help students stay active and connected in their surroundings, and they understand the nitty-gritty of organising events and are also exposed to various challenges, and through that, they will able to learn real management skills.

9. Impressive Placements Stats

Placements at FORE is what makes it a top choice for most students. The institute offers excellent placement opportunities to all students. Every year reputed companies like PwC, Accenture, HDFC, Hindustan Unilever, ICICI, Bank of America, Deloitte, Asian Paints, and Maruti Udyog take part in the placement drive conducted at the campus. These companies offer great compensation packages to all qualified students making FORE school of management placements top-notch in the industry.

The highest CTC stands at INR 41 lakhs in operations, 23.5 Lakhs in Human Resources and INR 21.14 lakhs in the consulting field for the year 2022. 

On the basis of these placement number FORE has been ranked 19th in India on the basis of graduation outcome scores and 7th among Private B schools in India.

10. International Exposure through (Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

Under the SEP, FSM students can avail the opportunity to study abroad in one of the campuses of our foreign-partner institutions for a brief period of three months (one term), normally during the winter (January-March). Students interested in taking part in the exchange programme are required to appear in the screening process at FSM. The selected students receive a scholarship grant of Rs. 100,000 each to meet the expenses while studying abroad, apart from the waiver of programme fees in the host institution. Similarly, the foreign-partner institution sends a select few of its students to FSM to study for a term of three months during the same (January-March) period. The SEP provides a powerful platform to our students to exchange ideas and learnings with foreign institutions and students.

FORE has tied up with various global institutions for SEP.

Key Takeaways

FORE School of Management, New Delhi. We have been providing quality education in Management for the past 31 years and over 7000 students have graduated from FSM since its inception in 1992.

FORE ranks have risen with time. As a result, it is a top pick for all learners and young professionals. The institute focuses on the student’s complete development and incorporates both practical and theoretical learning. FORE is an excellent place to begin your career and advance to success.

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