MBA is one of the most promising courses that people opt for nowadays. It provides candidates with the ability to excel in the field of management and administration. A variety of specialisation of courses in MBA has been introduced that help students enhance their capability in the specific field.

There are a number of colleges for masters in Business Administration degree in India like IIM’s, Amity University and other autonomous Universities. These colleges and universities offer a full time MBA course and placements guaranteed.

1. Executive MBA

Similarly like the MBA Course, there’s another course called the Executive MBA. This is mainly for the work professionals who want to upgrade their salaries and position by adding an extra professional course. Unlike any other MBA course, the Executive MBA course offers a one year program. The eligibility criteria is that one has to be a professional worker with an experience of minimum 5 years. Thus the workers are able to continue with their job on one hand and at the same time can pursue a professional degree. It is flexible and one can easily manage the timings of their respective courses.

Fee structure

The fee range varies in terms of colleges and universities that one applies in. Generally the fee is covered by the employer under whom one is working. But then again, it depends.

Eligibility Criteria

One must have a work experience of at least 5 years to apply for the Executive MBA course. Along with that, the candidate has to score a minimum of percentile in their GMAT or GRE examinations. Some universities have their own set of examinations that requires a certain percentage to get through. Personal interviews and profile of the candidate is also looked into.

Since the Executive MBA course is a part time course it lacks in certain areas. The experience and the thrill that one gets in a full time MBA course may not be present in that of an executive MBA course. The bonus point is that the working candidate may not have to leave their job while pursuing their degree.


PGDM or post graduate diploma in management is a full time management course that is offered to candidates for a period of 2 years. Many colleges and universities in India offer a PGDM course for selected candidates.

 FEE Structure

Here again the fee will usually svary according to the terms of the colleges and universities. Often it is said that the fee structure is lesser compared to that of an executive MBA course .

Eligibility Criteria

One need not be a work professional to get a hold on this degree. Freshers can apply to the course easily provided that they clear the entrance examinations that are to be held by colleges. Generally GMAT score and personal interviews are looked into.

Thus these courses provide an individual to develop in their skills of management. It not only helps them in professional skills but also practical ones too. Nowadays, people of all age groups prefer some additional professional degrees to get a hold of a better position and salaries. And these courses thus provide a forum to explore one’s capability and excellence.

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