Which is better Regular MBA or Executive MBA: Guidelines for Experienced Professionals

Which is better Regular MBA or Executive MBA

Deciding between a two-year full-time MBA and one-year executive MBA is like standing in front of two unfamiliar and different ways to reach the destination.

Most of the B-schools offer the good old regular two-year MBA degrees and claim to add extra advantage than the one-year executive MBA. But is there any value for your experiences? Are those claims are right?

One year MBA programs are designed to accelerate someone’s professional growth and give them an edge to optimize their career. But it is natural to feel confused between the two different ways. Which one is right for you, the long term authentic one or the short and effective one?

Before diving into the matter one point we want to make clear. That is, no matter which one you choose, both courses required complete dedication. If you think executive MBA does not need you to study a lot, and it’s a short cut to success, then we are sorry to disappoint you.

The Basics

In both cases, the MBA program is specially designed for learners who are willing to bring a change to their career path. Such courses create future leaders in the corporate world. So thinking of a short cut cannot help you here. Every leader needs to be an authentic and staunch follower first.

The semester in the full-time two-year MBA program provides students a profound theoretical knowledge-based apart from the practical knowledge through internships.

The full-time one-year MBA program is more vigorous and sincere than the two-year format. Ample keenness and devotion is prerequisite for this. You will go through the same course and everything, but there will not be any placement.

The Pros And Cons of One Year And Two Tears MBA Program

The profits of the one-year program can be easily understood. It lets professional people pursue their career goals and are in a rush to grow in the business or corporate world. Many people choose a one-year program to accelerate the growth of their family business also. One Year Executive MBA is a common choice.

On the top that, the total cost, tuition fees, and all the miscellaneous expenses of the one-year MBA program is less than the full-time two year ones.

If we try to say it in one word, then it is cost-effective.

Another benefit is that receiving the degree in half the time preserves your position in the job market. You still get the time to reconnect with your professional networks and revive professional relationships. In case of a two-year program, taking a break from job or whatever doing and then devoting for full two years can spoil your chance to relink with all the old but valuable connections.

Now let us talk about a few disadvantages of the one-year MBA program. The main problem is you get limited networking scope comparing to the full-time two years MBA degree. The content is more or less same, but the time frame of long two years gives you enough opportunity to work on your connection building and other related factors.

Many employers prefer to recruit students coming from two-year full-time program. We or not judging whether they are right or wrong, it is just their preference and company policy. They believe that a two-year MBA program builds comparatively a stronger foundation.

There is no time for any extra-curricular activities and all. But don’t worry if you are already into professional life then you are not going to miss that. One-year executive MBA is for mature people who are already somewhere in the corporate ladder. If you are already working somewhere, then two years full-time MBA program can feel like a luxury.

The Deciding Factors:

  • Your career so far.
  • Your purpose of pursuing MBA
  • Your financial background or aspects.
  • The current situation in terms of studies, profession, and family.
  • Your networking.
  • Your specialization.

In our life, we move forward and have an explicit formula or steps to follow. It’s just like the aging step by step. Professional life comes after student life according to that stepladder. If you are already an employed individual, then going back to the preceding step or in full-fledged student life can be challenging. In that case, executive one year MBA is the right choice for you. But if you are a student, then thoroughly understanding the MBA program with all its curriculum should be your selection.

You cannot categories the programs as better or worse.  Picking a two year MBA or a one year MBA program is entirely based on your existing state, your future desires, and career trail. Create your own checklist and consider the factors mentioned above. Then ponder over each of the deciding elements. We will definitely get your answer.