What is a Good GMAT Score? – Answered by PaGaLGuY

Business school applicants aiming to increase their chances of being admitted into the best business schools are aware that their Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores are one of the most crucial factors for admission. There are many aspects that go into the acceptance of a candidate into a particular school; however, a strong GMAT score is definitely one of those aspects.

The continually increasing competition of MBA aspirants only adds to the uncertainty of each academic session. Candidates are eager to know whether their score is enough for their dream school or what even a good GMAT score really is.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducts GMAT with the participation of more than 100 countries worldwide. The majority of the business schools across the globe accept these GMAT scores as an essential factor for admission. Moreover, in most of these business schools, candidates applying for post-graduate management programs must submit their GMAT scores as a part of the admissions criteria.

Institutes that offer management courses with various specializations or general management have emphasized the importance of GMAT. In the US and other western countries, GMAT is considered among the most recognized examinations to evaluate candidates. Now with the prestigious reputation, the cut off for GMAT scores is also undoubtedly extremely high.

Business and management are the most popular field of study in India as well as abroad. Additionally, even though the Common Admission Test (CAT) scores are widely accepted in India, Indian business schools also participate in GMAT and accept GMAT scores.

GMAT is a recognized MBA admission test worldwide. It establishes its recognizability to its rigorous testing abilities to understand the knowledge and abilities of candidates across various domains, such as analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills. The exam is conducted via computer-based systems.

Candidates can take the tests on any of throughout 365 days a year. The GMAT registration form can be filled online, and candidates must be 18 years of age when giving the exam. Institutes or universities with accredited post-graduate programs in business and management can participate in GMAT and accept GMAT scores. Candidates wanting to apply to these programs must send their scores to the desired schools.

How is the GMAT scored?

GMAT scores for all sections are as follows:

Section Scores
Analytical Writing Assessment 0–6
Integrated Reasoning 1–8
Verbal and Quant – Separate 0–60
Verbal and Quant – Cumulative 200–800

The fourth cumulative score is generally referred to when discussing GMAT scores. Typically speaking, GMAT test-takers receive a score in the range of a minimum 200 to a maximum 800; 800 being the perfect score.

Globally, the average GMAT score is 565. As per the GMAC, a GMAT score of 700 is on the 88th percentile. That is, only 12% of the total tests taken and scores received have a score higher than or equal to 700. Approximately, only one of ten tests are scored 700 or more.

Considering all factors, a score of 700 or above shows excellent performance by the candidate. For the majority of the best business schools, the average GMAT may be at 700–730, the range of the scores can be 670–760.

Most business schools consider 700 as a baseline for a good GMAT score. Considering all other factors are typical, a score of 700+ can get you into the 20 best graduate programs. A score of 650 may qualify you for the top 50 graduate programs in business and management.

Evidently, a perfect score of 800 might guarantee to compensate for any shortcomings in other aspects of candidates’ application.

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