10 CAT 2020 Questions Answered by Experts

The global pandemic has caused a severe blow to numerous examination structure of the country. The examinations are either cancelled or postponed. However, the CAT examination conducted annually is still in speculation of whether it should be cancelled or not.

The examination is conducted every year for shortlisting prominent IIM candidates and other management students.

The examination witnesses a massive presence of over 2 lakh students every year. However, the prevailing situation will either make the authorities postpone or cancel the term. Moreover, the placement activities are also in doubt.

Students are clueless about whether the institute will be able to offer secure placement possibilities or not. Here is a curated list of a few questions about the CAT 2020 term. The answers will provide students with an insight into certain possibilities the future holds for them.

  1. How will the institutional placements of IIM and other institutes be affected amidst the pandemic for the MBA batch of 2023?

For CAT 2020 appearing students, the exceptionally best placements will be provided to students who make it up to the best b-schools. Experts believe that post-admission many positive aspects of the students will be worked upon.

Thus, ensuring that the best placement possibilities will be featured for the prominent students. Moreover, experts also believe that post the pandemic, better strategies, and approaches will be adapted.

  1. What are the chances of CAT being postponed or cancelled?

There are speculations that the CAT examination will either be cancelled or postponed. However, there is no confirmed guideline for the same. However, experts believe that there is the least chance of CAT 2020 examination being affected by the pandemic or any other situation.

Therefore, students are requested to continue with the preparation. Necessary guidelines are expected to be shared among the students soon.

  1. Will the competition at IIM or other top institutes change as per the situation?

CAT examination leading to the admission in top b-schools has witnessed massive competitions in recent years. However, while analyzing the past scenarios during a financial crisis or other trends, there is a possibility that fewer students will appear in the CAT 2020 examination.

The financial crisis has hit major families drastically, and therefore it is possible that lesser aspirants will appear than the expected number.

  1. What is the ideal time period for CAT preparation?

Numerous aspirants’ question whether a period of 6 months is enough for CAT 2020 preparation. Experts believe that a duration of 6 months is sufficient enough to develop a proper preparation strategy for CAT 2020. Moreover, the month of June is considered to be the ideal time for commencing the preparation.

  1. As a working professional, how much time per day is required for efficient CAT preparation?

As a working professional, it is essential to utilize at least 2 hours per day and a minimum of 4-5 hours on the weekend for effective preparation. Moreover, a candidate should not be concerned about IIM admission if they possess a good profile.

This would be irrelevant if the required minimum percentile is not achieved. Therefore, a well-developed preparation strategy must be developed for the same.

  1. What are the marks required in the CAT 2020 examination to achieve a 99 percentile?

For scoring an extraordinary percentile, it is necessary to develop strong preparation and examination strategies. The pattern for CAT 2020 paper has not witnessed any changes since the past 4-5 years.

In order to achieve a 99 percentile, a candidate is required to get a minimum of 150 marks. Therefore, preparing wisely and with a clear approach can help a candidate achieve the desire marks for top IIMs.

  1. What must preparation strategy be utilised by a person who is weak in Quant?

Numerous students struggle with the QA syllabus since it features tough mathematics questions and other complex concepts. The QA section covers complex questions from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, and the number system.

However, it is recommended to prepare for topics that can help in scoring the minimum required marks. Two or three subjects can be chosen and polished to score enough marks in the exam section.

  1. What preparation strategy must be utilised by a person who is weak in DI-LR section?

The data interpretation section is a combination of QA concepts, charts, graphs, diagrams, and miscellaneous subjects. Sincerity, while preparing, is the key to scoring the desired marks.

Weekly segregation of time focused only on data interpretation questions can help in eliminating the weakness. The duration can be decided according to the preparation schedule.

  1. What is the ideal time to take a mock test while preparing for a CAT 2020 examination?

Mock tests during the exam preparation is a key passage to cover essential subjects and concepts. Moreover, it helps in polishing time management skills as well. The CAT examination is carried out in the month of November/December every year.

Experts believe that the first mock test must be taken in the month of June or May end. Also, 3 tests in the month of July and 4 in the month of August must also be taken. Post that, other mock tests can be taken in the duration between September to November.

  1. Post-CAT 2020, are general engineering male aspirants at a disadvantage for an MBA admission? 

 It is a myth that GEM or general engineering male students are at a disadvantage for an MBA admission in the top b-schools of the country. These aspirants are never ignored.

Moreover, major management institutes feature a maximum number of GEM and GEF students every year. Therefore, any GEF or GEM student may not worry regarding the admission procedure.

These questions and answers provide an insightful view regarding the admission preparation and other CAT 2020 scenarios.

However, the pandemic has made authorities work upon whether the admission procedure for the year 2020 must be carried out or not. However, the preparations must be continued, and a tab on relevant news and articles must be kept.

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